Enjoy the promising life as an IES Officer

One of the benefits of a government job is that the higher the position, the higher the benefits you get. The same goes for the UPSC IES officer who enjoys a comfortable life during and post working. After undergoing the Engineering Service Examination (ESE), aspirants, undertaken by the Union Public Service Examination (UPSC), are recruited as an officer in the central India government job. The UPSC IES offers a promising career to an individual.

However, getting a job is not that easy. An aspirant will need to undergo an entrance exam. GATE 2021 is the gateway for the IES officer job, and aspirants need to be well prepared for the exam and the job.

Let us now check how the life of an IES officer is

The Training

Entirely depending on the final merit list’s rank, there are various departments allotted to all qualifying candidates. All candidates receive a letter from the president informing them about their training.

IES aspirants will have a great training experience because they visit the first-class travel coach, visit the president’s house, and get amazing stay and other benefits. During the induction training, they get good exposure and understand the work nature.

UPSC IES Recruitment

Pay and Perks

Working as an IES officer is the benefit and pay more than the private sector. They are given residential quarters in a good locality of the city and other benefits like travel allowance, provident fund, driver, peon, servant, and other essentials. In simpler words, the IES officer has a great life. All the work done by the IES officer will get paid after the candidate.


During a hard time in the country, the private sector employees are busy saving and safer avenues for the future. Along with a job, the government makes sure your family is safe and enjoy all the luxury. Depending on the terms and conditions, the security offered will completely depend on it.

Career Growth

If you are ready to put in some effort, you will get the best career growth. There is solid growth in the government sector, and working as an IES officer, you will get the right direction.

There are different sections where IES officers will be joining and working. IES officers are also bureaucrats, and if they perform well, they will be working as a head of various departments of various ministers.

Gets Enough Respect

By cracking GATE 2021 and joining the UPSC IES, you will already earn good respect. Aspirant, after joining the IES job, will earn good respect in society.

For many young candidates, they will be the source of inspiration and would take up the job. The power and authority IES officers hold can change their behavior and standard in society.

Work-Life Balance

While at the beginning of the career, the IES officer will need to work hard since it will be a learning phase, but after some years of experience, there will be subordinates to whom the officer would provide the work. The officer will be able to spend some quality time with the family.

The officer can balance work and personal life easily. This is certainly an inspiring thing for the young generation, and they will take it positively.


In the initial stage of the work, the office will work far off-land to learn. However, after years of experience, the office will work in the metro city with all the housing facilities. Being in the city will help your family to explore, and children will have a bright future.

Overall, the life of an IES officer is very positive. The post-retirement life is simple and financially beneficial too. There will be a good pension for the retired IES officer.  Therefore, start your journey now by preparing for GATE 2021 and have a great career ahead.

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