Get Email Spam Filter Services and Setup Solid Protection

Technology has its own advantages and disadvantages.  In this age, it is quite common to see both the facets of technology and it is not surprising to learn that there are plenty of ways by which technological advancement can be used for malicious purposes. Before getting into that, let’s talk about spam mails. Is your inbox bombarded with spam emails too often? It can be a nuisance and it would be better to opt for an email spam filter service especially if you are an organization.

In this article, we will look into email filtering services and why it is important to opt for them. Email spam filtering service filters incoming emails as well as the ones that are sent from one’s server. Inbound emails are checked and filtered for spam, suspicious links, and malware.

The service also helps in organizing the emails in various categories to make it easier for the user. The process of outbound filtering scans outgoing mails and it is ensured that they comply with the policies of the organization in concern. It also prevents spam, confidential data, and malware from being sent from the server of the organization.

Types of Email Filtering Services

Based on the requirements, there can be two types of email spam filtering services and they are:

  • Cloud-based service – As it is hosted in the cloud, it provides immense flexibility and gets updated automatically.
  • On-premise solution – This one is installed on the company’s servers to manage mail flow and filter it.

You must have heard about the gateway spam filter, it is installed on the site instead of the cloud and is placed behind the firewall of the system. It does the job of improving overall productivity and minimizing attacks by not allowing 99% of the spam mails to reach the intended destination.

Why is there a Need for Email Filtering Solutions?

Cybercriminals most often attack emails to fulfill their malicious motives. When phishing emails are sent to an organization and the link or attachment in it is opened, the malware present in it spreads to the system. Apart from stealing the data from the system, it can allow a cybercriminal to operate the server.

This indicates that the hackers can access all emails sent from the server of the organization thereby increasing the risk of the leakage of sensitive data. They can misuse the server of the organization to pose as a genuine source and carry out malicious activities elsewhere.

The leakage of confidential data is not just a threat to the organization that has been attacked but also for those who are contacting it via email. External parties can come under the scanner of hackers and become the next victims.

The data leaked can include details of the firm’s finances, policies of the company, highly confidential plans and much more. Hackers can cause huge financial loss to the firm and the ripples of this can reach not just to the employees of the firm but also the clients, shareholders and other firms dealing with it.

While email service providers offer basic filtering of the emails, they are not sufficient to stop hackers. Therefore, you would need a proper email filtering solution to protect the organization from online predators.

How does email filtering benefit you?

  • Protects from spam
  • Carries out inbound email filtering
  • Protects from external attacks such as phishing, malicious links, etc.
  • Saves the workforce, clients and related organizations from heavy financial losses.
  • Filters outgoing emails to minimize unauthorized activities.
  • Prevents hackers from using your name to spread viruses.
  • Helps in boosting the performance of the firm by organizing emails in different categories.

What to keep in mind while choosing email spam filter service providers?

It is important to get the best possible email filtering service for the safety of your organization. While there are many players in this industry, you have to select the right one only after keeping the following points in mind:

1. It should filter spam accurately

Your spam filter has to do the basic job of detecting spam and identifying phishing emails. It should be accurate enough so that genuine mail is not reported as spam. The problem is that when important and genuine mails are tagged as malicious ones, it can create a lot of problems for the organization. The service you choose should have no scope for errors or else it can lead to a heavy loss.

2. It should follow standards

The online spam filter that filters incoming email has to be at par with the company’s standards and policies.

3. It should provide prompt customer support

This is one factor that you must not compromise on, no matter what. Prompt and efficient customer service is extremely important during times when you face any issue with the detection of spam. Even if there is some other problem with the spam filter server, customer support should be ready to fish you out of trouble.

4) It has to be worth the investment

Email spam filter services can be expensive but considering the benefits it has to offer, you should get them for your organization. There are different packages for different needs. You can select the one based on your preferences.

If you are running a financial organization, it is extremely important that you get the best possible protection because online predators will be looking for an opportunity to attack your systems and steal money online.

5. It must have good ratings

Do your research well. The best way to find out the effectiveness of spam filter service is by reading its reviews posted by its previous and current users. If the ratings and reviews are good enough, you can go ahead with the service.

In conclusion, you should definitely go in for a trustworthy email spam filtering service to safeguard the interests of your organization. It will protect your system from phishing attacks, ransomware, and malware which will, in turn, save your firm from heavy financial losses.

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