3 Easy Methods to Recover Deleted Photos from an iPhone in 2021

People often save important files, screenshots, and photos on their mobile devices. iPhones store a lot of photos. You may save the photos that have a lot of memories in them. You store them to show your relatives or friends directly from the device. Yet, it is not a safe method of storage.

First, your phone may be stolen. If you do not have a reliable password, the data may be spread to different people. They will see your intimate photos or working actions no one should know about. Apart from that, you will lose the files forever. So, it may be a great risk to store photos on an iPhone.

 You or somebody else may accidentally delete the files. What if the photos are already deleted permanently? How to recover deleted photos from iPhone? To cope with the problem, there is a wide range of iPhone data recovery software. You may go to the official website of a program to see information about it.

How to Recover the Deleted Photos?

There are different methods to recover permanently deleted photos on the iPhone. Let’s look at the best methods to do this and how they work.

1. The system scans the mobile devices on iOS

Then it shows you the files you have deleted. They may stay in iTunes. On your iPhone, you may use a special photos application. It automatically remembers the photos you have taken. There are recently deleted photos. To delete them all the time, you should especially do this action. If not, you will find deleted photos on the iPhone in this album. You can select the images you need to recover in a special field. Then press the button, and the photos will be restored. It is an easy way to restore data if you have deleted them recently.

2. Use Disk Drill

This is software for the recovery of photos and other data. It may be used on your computer as a special app. The program is reliable because it restores any type of data easily. It will help you recover the photos for sure. It is mainly focused on Mac. Yet, you can also use the program on the iPhone.

To use the software, you should first connect the mobile device to your computer. You may use Lightning to do this. Then you should download the program on Mac and open it. You will see a list of drives. You should select the iPhone. The program will look for photos there. Then you should press the button ‘Recover’ to scan the device. The scanned photos will be shown as a preview on the screen. You may select the ones you need. Then the software will recover them to your iPhone.

3. iCloud

Another option to recover photos is iCloud. It is an installed program on the iPhone. It stores and synchronizes files on your device. Not all the files are stored in the ‘Recently deleted’ folder. If you cannot find the photos there, you may see them in the iCloud. The system is similar to your phone structure. So, you should also enter the ‘Recently deleted’. Yet, on the iCloud website, the photos will be presented there.

How can you use it? You may find iCloud in the settings on your device. The program will be on the top of the screen. You will see your profile with the name. Then you should choose the iCloud option. Then choose ‘iCloud Backup’. You may have it automatically on your iPhone. Yet, there are cases where you should choose the option by hand. Then you should choose the option ‘Back Up Now’. This is a function that synchronizes your phone storage with iCloud. You will immediately see the information about the files on the screen.

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