Digging Deep into the Intricacies of Provably Fair Casinos

The debacle of brick-and-mortar casinos seems inevitable as the rampant pandemic isn’t going to retreat anytime soon and online platforms are picking up steam. Millions of punters are now forced to switch from the seemingly eternal land-based hubs to online casinos, and it goes without saying they want to do it as smoothly as possible and in no case be cheated or mistreated somehow.

In this regard, the question arises: are there casinos that could guarantee their fairness? Well, contrary to popular opinion, there are such platforms: Provably Fair casinos. They are severely undervalued and hard to understand for non-tech-savvy users, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it and then take advantage of arguably the best casinos on the market – like Betsafe PL  – especially when the explanation is provided by Aleksandra Maj, an experienced gambler-writer from KasynoHEX. You can read more about her here.

Without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into the essence of Provably Fair gambling.

How Do Provably Fair Casinos Operate?

The blockchain-based Provably Fair concept is not easy to grasp, so let’s first get acquainted with the terms (we deliberately changed or simplified some terms so that it get the idea faster):

  • Casino Seed – the seed generated by the casino.
  • Player Seed – the seed generated by you (the player).
  • Seed Pair – the combination of the Casino Seed and the Player Seed.
  • Cryptographic Nonce – the number of the bet: your first bet corresponds to Nonce#1, and so on.

And now let’s proceed to the operating principle of Provably Fair casinos. Generally speaking, Provably Fair is an algorithm that allows you to check and verify the fairness of the casino towards you. To understand how it works, let’s emulate a gambling session:

  1. First, the casino generates a random Casino Seed and sends you the encrypted public key of this seed, which is a string of numbers. At the same time, the casino stores the private key of the Casino Seed until you decide to change the current Seed Pair by changing the Player Seed.
  2. Then you generate a random Player Seed to combine it with the Casino Seed and thus create a Seed Pair, which will determine the outcomes of your games until you change the Player Seed. The newly created Seed Pair starts at Nonce#1 and moves further as you place your bets.
  3. Once you’ve opted to change the current Player Seed for a new one, the casino sends you the private key of the Casino Seed that was used for the previous games, and then voila, you can verify it all in a Provably Fair Verifier at your casino.

And the process goes on and on: every time you change the Player Seed (of course, you do that in order to get a new Seed Pair aka a new sequence of outcomes), the casino sends you the private key that was used previously to generate all outcomes for you.

Possible Problems with Provably Fair Casinos

The magic does work, but not always. Most casinos will ask you to let them generate Player Seed for you, and if you agree, then you are no longer safe because there’s no guarantee that the casino wouldn’t pre-generate the ever-losing Seed Pair. Therefore, always generate the Player Seed yourself – do not let casinos do this for you! Otherwise, the whole Provably Fair story makes no sense as the verifiable casino loses its main advantage.

On a different note, the private key is a vulnerability that malicious gamblers can exploit – if they somehow get access to the private key of the Casino Seed, that is – to create a favorable Jackpot-triggering Seed Pair by generating the needed Player Seed.

Finally, many inexperienced players mistakenly believe Provably Fair casinos are top-notch by default, which is not usually the case. Provably Fair guarantees nothing but the verifiability of the rolls. And since it has nothing to do with data safety, fees, transaction speed, and other possible limitations and restrictions, then the only viable way to estimate the quality of an online casino is to research it thoroughly, not just based on whether it’s Provably Fair or not. At the end of the day, there’s plenty more fish in the sea: Slottica, VulkanVegas, EnergyCasino, and dozens of other non-Provably-Fair casinos alike might also be an excellent choice.

Notice: Gambling is addictive. If you’ve revealed any symptoms of gambling addiction in yourself or your close ones, make sure to contact international (GamCare, BeGambleAware, Gamblers Anonymous, etc.) or local problem gambling organizations for help.

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