What Is the Difference Between A Good and Great Developer

Are you looking for a developer to add to your existing team? You need someone who can complete all the complex tasks. Before you start searching, it is important to keep in mind that there is a difference between a good developer and a great developer.

For this purpose, we have put together a guide to help you. If you are a manager and looking for a developer then this guide is for you.

Good Developers

All of the developers in your team may already fall in this category. They are passionate about their work and doing a good job. They are superb, disciplined, and collaborate well with the team. Furthermore, they are familiar with agile development.

Good developers have good technical skills and the know-how to write clean and neat code. Other team members can easily understand their code, thanks to their comments. Furthermore, they are well aware of their weaknesses. But when you hand over them a complex task, they start work in advance so they can get help from others if necessary.

Good developers will usually charge you above market rates as they know their value. You can search online to see what other developers are charging per hour in the market.

How You Can Recognize a Good Developer?

  • They will charge more or equal to the market price.
  • Their codes are well- commented on and neat.
  • Furthermore, they will demonstrate their knowledge of technologies and development
  • They are well-aware of development methods such as Agile development.
  • Familiarity with relevant programming and how to employ it.

Great Developers

On the other hand, great developers are hard to find. But they have the ability to boost productivity and generate some great results. They are very rare so you need to do some digging to find them out. Recently, I was trying to find a react.js developer and after doing some hard research, I found one on

After hiring a great developer, you can expect to get faster results. Keep in mind that you cannot get a great developer at cheap rates. They can do everything that a good developer can, but much more! Their only passion is to code and continuous learning of new technologies.

Furthermore, they have extensive experience and a better understanding of technologies, software architectures, and algorithms. They have a good understanding of the tools they have in hand. They are really good at solving problems without the need for supervision. They can work both in teams and alone. Furthermore, they are capable enough to work with live systems without breaking them.

How You Can Recognize a Great Developer?

A great developer has all the traits of good developers including:

  • Passion for programming and development
  • Communication and collaboration skills.
  • They have the ability to communicate in both technical and non-technical ways.
  • They have years of experience which allows them to better understand programming technologies and have great development sense.
  • Great developers are visionaries, they are capable of solve complex problems.
  • They always try to become better at what they do.

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