Converting A PDF File To A PDFA Has Never Been Easier With The Help Of GoGoPDF

Converting a PDF file into a PDFA document has always been a pain for most people because it would need tons of things to do just to correct one file. And for a long time, that is what haunts many people. This is why there are a set of people who thought of creating a website that would help all of them fix their problems.

Thus, creating a website that offers tons of tools that you would use for different kinds of PDF problems. That website is none other than GoGoPDF. With this, you would only need to follow a few simple steps so that you would be able to convert all of the things that you need to convert. Though they have other tools, this article focuses on this.

Why GoGoPDF And Why Do You Need To Convert Your PDF File

In case you don’t know why you need to convert your PDF to PDFA, the simplest explanation is that technology changes over time. Because of this, some things would make a particular file unreadable once everything has been updated. However, if you convert your PDF into a PDFA, it would be embedded permanently.

Once the file has been embedded permanently, it would have all the necessary things for that particular PDF file to be stored for a long time. It would still be readable by any updated operating system in the future. The reason you should use GoGoPDF is that they have all the features to make your experience quick and easy!

Things To Remember Before Starting The Process

Before starting the conversion process, there are a few things that you need to do so that you would be able to have a smooth and hassle-free experience with GoGoPDF. That is to have all the requirements. These things are considered as requirements because they are the most important things that you need to have.

One of those needed requirements is your devices and personal computers because this is where you will need to get all the PDF files that you need to convert. And the next one is a stable internet connection because its speed will go to waste if you do not have regular internet. It would take a long time to finish the process.

Steps That You Need To Do In Converting Your PDF Files

Once you have all the things with you already, you can now proceed with all the steps in converting your PDF files into a PDFA document. These are a total of four steps but don’t worry, all of them would be a piece of cake even for a bit of kid. Since you have some technical knowledge, you might have already done these steps before.

The One That Would Start Them All: First Step

For this step, you would need to get all the documents from your devices and personal computers and upload them to the website. If you are having trouble uploading them, there is a much easier way. And that is to get those files, then drag and drop them on the space provided by the website, which you will be able to see as soon as you open the site.

The Easiest Steps Of All: Second And Third Steps

The reason why the second and third steps are being talked about at the same subhead is that they have the same job, which is to make sure that you relax and not do anything because once you have uploaded the files, the system will scan those PDF documents and will start the process immediately. All you need to do is wait for a few seconds.

The Finishing Step: Fourth Step

Once the process has already been finished, you will be notified as soon as possible so that you would be aware and would be able to continue the process on the fourth step. And this step, since the process has already been finished, all you need to do is download all the files into your devices and computers, then you are done, and it would be good to go.


The steps that you need to do are easy. Once you have done all those things, you will have a high-quality PDFA document for you to store, even for many years. Once you need it, you will still be able to use it. Also, if you had a fantastic experience with GoGoPDF, please don’t forget to share this with your friends so that they would be assisted as well.

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