Content Marketing Services & SEO for Private Investigators

Private investigators have the knowledge and experience that can help individuals and organizations. Private investigation is a dog-eat-dog industry so you need the best marketing strategies to best your competitors. Start your marketing journey by optimizing your website and developing relevant content.

Even with the competitive private investigator market in Canada, a significant number of these organizations do not follow a defined marketing strategy. If you are part of this chunk of the industry, now is the time to reassess your goals and realign your marketing efforts. Do not miss out on the opportunity to introduce your private investigator centre for, say, Security Training & Management Inc. to your target audience. Read on to find out how content marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you gain more audience and be found by potential clients.

SEO for Private Investigators

SEO is a long process primarily because algorithms change constantly. Creating your SEO plan to target your goals is advised but you also have to leave room for changes to adapt to new trends. What worked a few weeks back may not always work this time. L. Scott Harrell wrote SEO for private investigators and showed how private investigation sites only need to have a title tag, description tag, meta keywords, and content to rank.

Here are a few steps to start optimizing your website for search engines.

Content Marketing Services & SEO for Private Investigators

Choose relevant keywords

To get started with your campaign, identify the keywords and phrases that people are searching up online when they are looking for private investigator services. The goal is to show up at the top of the business search results so you need to target the right keywords.

There are several tools available to help you conduct keyword research. It is best to focus on long-tail keywords or those that contain three or more words since these work better for campaigns and attract more relevant leads.

Improve page speed

Websites that take too long to load are often abandoned by visitors. The audience wants to access information quickly and slow-loading pages are not the kind of site they will wait for.

To prevent people from leaving your site, monitor how your pages are performing. There are several tools for evaluating your site’s load time to help you improve your pages.

Match your audience’s search intent

Search intent means the reason behind the person’s query. It could be to know more about a subject or product, to find out how to book for the services of a private investigator, to know more about the investigation business, or simply to identify the offices of investigators in the area. It is crucial to know what the intentions of the audience are so you can add these details to your content.

Matching search intent helps in attracting more leads to the page. It also keeps your audience engaged for a longer period especially if they find the answers to their needs there.

Create Valuable Content for Private Investigation Business

Content is a valuable part of any online marketing effort. Without substantial content, there will be nothing for search engines to rank your site. Google and other search engines will “crawl” through websites and identify the contents that are relevant to what people enter into their platform. With no substantial content to crawl, these search engines would simply flag your site as irrelevant.

Content can refer to text forms (articles and blogs), videos, infographics, ebooks, and others. Leading the audience to your site means having these engaging content that meets their intent. The longer the time that these audiences spend on your site, the more positive search engine impressions would be. That being said, you will need to beef up your content marketing efforts. Here are some tips to develop the right content you and the best marketing company in Edmonton need to follow:

Write about the job

Private investigators leave an air of intrigue about them and surely, many people are curious as to the nature of the job you do and the action involved in it. The best way to level people’s impressions and expectations about what you do is by letting them into your world. You can write, host a podcast, or upload a video that details the various activities that you engage in.

Job qualifications

What sets a private detective apart from the rest of the population? Is there any special course that you can take to become a private investigator? There is a long list of questions that interested persons may want to ask for them to qualify and be part of the industry.

The kind of cases you are qualified to work on

There are many areas that private investigators can dip their fingers into. There are some who focus on checking backgrounds, others in civil investigations, insurance, and many others. While a great majority of investigators in Canada are considered experts in bread and butter work — meaning they can engage in cases from missing persons to background profiling — some choose to focus on a certain aspect. Make sure to talk about your expertise to inform people that you are a good option to hire if they need an investigator.

Sample cases

Write sample cases – preferably not inspired by actual events – to illustrate what you can do. For example, you may talk about a family’s battle to make insurance claims. Illustrate what you can do and how you can help people without breaking ethical considerations.

The things you cannot do

As private investigation is an intriguing career, your audience may also want to know what things you are not allowed to dip your hands on. This can also help people determine whether the case they are involved in allows them to seek the help of an investigator or not.

Private investigation is a competitive industry. Knowledge about SEO and content marketing can help you earn leads and conversions. Practising simple techniques for optimization and content development can help you improve your website and reach out to your audience.

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