Competitive games DOTA 2: we track together the most exciting events in eSports

This happened in 2005 and the beginning was more than excellent. Since then, second part of this game was developed and today it is the most popular eSport discipline in the world. Its success story is a phenomenon in the modern gaming industry, which has not been repeated or surpassed by anyone until now.

But the main thing is that at the moment Dota 2 is the most popular type of eSport among bookmakers. For example, GGBet Dota 2 provides all the opportunities for this. Here are almost all the tournaments and matches that are held on the game many people love, as well as due to the bonuses that are presented on GGBet, beginners can show their analytical skills with almost no risk!

Dota 2: basic types of competitive games

In comparison with other eSport disciplines, Dota 2 resembles classic team games such as soccer or rugby. In Counter Strike, the game episodes resemble each other, but in Dota 2 each game is unique, which ensures unpredictable and exciting gameplay. This is exactly the idea that the developers of the game were guided by, and we can say that they succeeded in its realization. In terms of famous competitive games, the competitive game The International became a eSport version of the Olympic Games in Dota 2. For the first time it was prompted in August 2011. At that time, the official release of the game did not even take place.

The success was unbeatable and the prize fund was unprecedented, amounting to $1.6 million. Since then, Dota 2 became the influencer of eSports trends and even partially displaced the other classic disciplines. It should be noted that Valve Corporation has done a lot for it, being interested in the fact that the main Dota 2 tournament will not be subject to the most famous sporting events in the world in terms of scale, prestige and auditorium. The majority of Dota 2 tournaments proceed in two stages. The first stage is an elimination round, in which the announced teams fight for their right to qualify. During the second stage, which is a main stage, the strongest team is determined.

These players will receive the promised cash reward and their admission ticket to the grand championship. The main offline tournaments are usually arranged from November to June. The season starts in a few months after the conclusion of the Dota World Championship The International, which traditionally takes place in August.

Overall, all tournaments can be classified as follows:

  • Premiere tournaments with large prize pools and large online viewership
  • Main tournaments or majors sponsored by Valve Corporation with a cash fund of US$1 million, with 15,000 points awarded to the winning team;
  • Second-tier tournaments or Minors (regional competitions), also sponsored by Valve Corporation, with a monetary fund of US$300,000, with winners receiving 660 points;
  • Amateur tournaments where the new teams can practice their skills. These tournaments take place in online mode and the cash prizes are several hundred US dollars.

The entire tournament can be followed by viewers through various Stream platforms, as well as through the websites of reputable bookmakers who have added eSports to their event listings, continuing this popular trend of the moment.

Dota 2: most requested tournaments and most anticipated events of 2023

Although Dota 2 positions itself as a global game, it also has regional divisions, such as CIS countries, Europe, China, North America, etc. Valve Corporation initiated such division for the purpose of facilitating the selection process for major championships. Therefore, in important tournaments, it is worth considering the factor of the regional affiliation of the team and making your choice in accordance with your interests.

However, some of the most requested events include:

  • Parimatch League Season 2. This online tournament is hosted by ESforce with the support of Parimatch
  • ESL One. This is a series of tournaments that includes Dota 2 as well as Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Battlefield 4 hosted by Electronic Sports League. These events bring together teams and players from all over the world. First tournament ESL One Frankfurt took place in June 2014 at Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt. ESL One Hamburg was the first ESL One to receive Major status under Valve’s new rules for the 2017-2018 season;
  • Dota Major tournaments were initiated by Valve Corporation in 2015 to improve the overall competitive environment of Dota 2.

In May 2023, players and fans followed the progress of EPL S9 and DPC series. DreamLeague S20 is scheduled for June 11th, Riyadh Masters 2023 for July 17th and The International XII for October 14th.

All in all, interesting tournaments take place again and again in the Dota 2 world and there is always a game available for every taste. Some prefer the new teams and follow their successes with interest, and others are interested in the legends of this type of eSport and their achievements. In any case, the developers of Dota 2 managed to create a really exciting world with an inimitable gameplay. So join the viewing of diverse tournaments, play and win together with your favorite teams and trusted bookmakers. 

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