Competitive Advantages of Slazzer

Do you love editing the photos you click or are you a professional photographer? Most often there is a constant demand for photo editing tools that remove the background and replace it with the one of your choice. One such photo-editing website is It is backed by AI or Artificial Intelligence to work automatically in removing the background of images.

The advanced AI algorithms of Slazzer’s editor work towards separating the background from the foreground in no time without asking you to shell out a hefty amount for it.

In fact, it has very competitive rates and subscription plans to offer and we will discuss that once we go through the advantages of this web tool and the features it has to offer.

Advantages of using Slazzer

Cost effective and time-saving

With Slazzer, you can remove image backgrounds without the need to hire a professional. Just one click is enough for the tool to do the job for you in a few seconds. Therefore, you can save time and money. 

Less strain on the eyes

As you are spending very less time on editing the image with this tool, there will be less strain on your eyes. This way you can focus on the other parts of your editing work without getting fatigued.

Completely automatic

You don’t have to select pixels manually with this tool. The background will be removed from the image automatically thanks to the AI computer vision algorithm of this Slazzer’s editor.

Ideal for both personal and professional use

You may be simply interested in enhancing your images to post on social media or be a professional who has umpteen images to edit. No matter what you are, this background removing tool works really well to solve your purpose. All you need to do is get the image uploaded and sit back to watch the background getting removed automatically with the Image background removal API offered by Slazzer.

No need of technical knowledge

The best part about this tool is that you don’t have to be a professional to use it. Also, there is no need to be technically qualified to use Slazzer.  Any layman can make use of the web tool and get the background removed in a single click.

Ease of use

The web tool allows you to edit 1000s of images with a simple drag and drop of the files. The background will be removed and you can choose a new one for the images you wish to edit.

Features of Slazzer

The amazing features of this web tool are many and they are the following:

  • Slazzer’s editor always has up-to-date trained AI modules
  • The web tool has no limit on the number of free previews
  • For every image edited, you get 1 credit charge
  • The maximum output is 25 MP
  • There is automatic resizing of the image if the resolution is above 25 MP
  • There is the freedom to upgrade or downgrade the plan any time without the credits being lost
  • Choose the new background for the image based on your preferences
  • There is API access
  • There are apps for Windows, Mac and Linux operating system.
  • Updates are available to edit images with higher resolution and get access to other functions
  • When dissatisfied with the web tool, you can get a refund within 60 days of purchase

What is the competitive advantage that Slazzer offers?

It is relatively cheaper

When compared to other background removing web tools, Slazzer is less expensive. This is a huge pro because most professionals are on a look out for tools that easily fit into their budget.

Better subscription offer

You can get a yearly subscription with Slazzer unlike other tools that offer only a monthly subscription.

Higher image resolution

Slazzer offers an image resolution up to 25 megapixels [4k full HD resolution] while most others offer only up to 20 MP.

With Slazzer, you will get a great result every time with perfect precision and amazing quality. Plus, you won’t have to use Photoshop which requires a certain amount of skill and training. What used to be a time-taking task can now be done in a jiffy without any prior knowledge of editing. You can totally revamp the look of your images with Slazzer and probably even get an opportunity to be creative. After all, by changing the background, you are changing the entire look of the image.

The Bottom Line So, Slazzer has better offers and features for you in comparison to other web tools in the same category. It lets you edit all kinds of images right from portraits to product images. You can give your photos a professional look so that you can use them for social media, to create posters and invitations. There are plans for every need and you will never be disappointed when you choose

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