Common Carpet Cleaning Myths That Are Completely Untrue

Carpet Cleaning Is an activity We undertake out of necessity and forced by circumstances. If it were in our powers, we could leave them as they are for so long. Even then, it is an essential activity to keep our environment clean.

 Dirty carpets are quite a health risk, especially because they are able to harbor so much dirt without our knowledge. In many cases, we clean the carpet when liquids spill on them and form some stubborn stains that we cannot tolerate.

Although we love our carpets for the comfort they provide in our houses, there are so many myths about cleaning that we almost get sick when it’s time to clean up. Here are some common myths on carpet cleaning.

Cleaning the carpet will cause dirt faster

One of the most common misconceptions is that cleaning your carpet makes it get dirty faster than when it is left untouched. For this reason, many people take too long to have their carpets cleaned.

This is a wrong idea although if carpets are not cleaned out properly, there are higher chances of leaving behind dirt particles that will quickly attract more dirt. The essence here is to have a thorough carpet cleaning job, preferably done by a professional.

Baking Soda is all you need.

 This is a very misinformed way and a common mistake many homeowners make about carpet cleaning. Although baking soda absorbs some dirt particles, this method should be used as a temporary measure.

Baking soda cannot give your carpet a thorough, in-depth cleaning that is required to keep in the right shape. One of the ways that baking soda may help is to temporarily mask any bad smells caused by dirt. However, with time, they will surely come back if the carpet is not cleaned up.

Steam Cleaning Carpets cause Mildew on your carpet

Steam cleaning is a carpet cleaning method where hot steam is used, as opposed to water. In some places, you may find steam cleaners for rent at the grocery store or in strategic locations within the neighborhood.

The fact is, steam cleaning needs to be done by a qualified individual, otherwise, it will damage your carpet. For instance, if in the process you linger on one spot for too long, you could damage your carpet.

This notwithstanding, when steam cleaning is done in the right way by an individual who knows their work, it does give good results on your carpet. The professional will also advise you to allow your carpet to dry thoroughly to avoid mildew growth.

Vacuuming Your Carpet Wears it off.

Carpet vacuuming is one of the most popular cleaning methods in modern-day. It is highly effective if done properly and causes no damage to your carpet. Modern carpets are made of a variety of materials and weaving systems that allow vacuum cleaning without causing any damage.

The good thing with vacuuming is that it can be done frequently, even on a daily basis. You can pick the cordless vacuum cleaner for the daily task while keeping the corded vacuum for in-depth weekly cleaning.

You Don’t Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Quite often, carpet cleaning is an activity that one can do on their own at home, provided they have the right cleaning tools and cleaning agents. However, a professional carpet cleaner may give great, relevant advice to help clean your carpet in the most effective way using a method that keeps it safer for longer.

 The Built-in stain resistance is you need.

 Stain resistance is a good feature that keeps your carpet protected. It is particularly good for masking carpet stains that are not always visible. In spite of this, the stain resistance feature is not all you need to keep your carpet cleaning. It will not stop dirt and debris from accumulating on your carpet.


Depending, on size, color, material, and other factors, your carpet, a variety of methods can be used to clean your carpet. Engaging a professional carpet cleaner allows you to understand the demands of your carpet better.

This will help you preserve it for longer. You don’t have to be a victim of carpet cleaning myths that deny you a chance to give your carpet a facelift.

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