Combat Strategies in Online Rummy Tournaments

Rummy tournaments form an intriguing world of mental warfare wherein players battle their skills to beat one another and secure the top spot. Indeed, online rummy tournaments are thrilling to the core and playing them require some serious work on your game strategy.

In this blog, we will talk about some exclusive tips and strategies specific to online rummy tournaments so that you can take on the pros with full confidence.

Pro Rummy Tips & Strategy

Online rummy tournaments can be played for different stakes and variations so first of all, you got to pick the variant you are good at. Since, 13 card rummy is the most easily available variant online, it would be an ideal choice. Now, let’s get down to the strategy part.

Decide the Stakes

Do not dive into high stakes games right away in the hope of collecting bigger prize money. This is the worst mistake you will commit because taking on high stakes demands some serious skills, not to mention the hit on your bankroll.

Deciding the stakes is the first crucial step to increasing your chances of maximizing your returns. If you are new to online rummy tournaments, we suggest you begin at the bottom. Play for micro stakes to compete with players who share the same level of skill and experience as yours. Once you are able to fare well in this zone and secure some confident wins, consider taking it up notch by notch.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is a crucial online rummy strategy that you need to employ because it is key to staying alive in the game. It should be in tandem with the stakes you choose to play for. Always manage your rummy bankroll in a way it gives you enough breathing space to play your game confidently without worrying how much is left in your bankroll.

Say, if you are paying an entry fee of INR 200 for a 20K rummy tournament, that’s fair but paying a thousand bucks for the same tourney doesn’t make sense. Also, tournaments that allow leaderboard prizes such as awards to top winners are a good choice but if you do make it in the money, you won’t go empty handed.

Observe your Opponents

This is yet another vital online rummy strategy you must have in your weaponry. It is important you stay vigilant throughout any online rummy tournament. You got to pay attention to the cards that your opponents discard every time. Knowing what cards are being picked by them gives you a fair idea as to what sort of combinations they are aiming to hit. Keeping fair track of your opponents range also helps make sure you are not throwing away any cards they might want to complete their game.

Be Smart With the Joker

Joker is yet another key player in rummy tournaments and should be part of your online rummy strategy. Jokers are your rescue cards that will pull you out of dire situations especially if you happen to hit a gutter hand. You have to use them wisely whenever you are lucky enough to have one. Of course the more, the merrier.

Do not get too excited when you receive them. Be smart with your jokers. Try not to use them in a pure sequence, rather use them as the middle card to combine two sequences. For example, if you have 5h,6d,8c,9h, use the joker as the 7th card to form a long sequence. This way, you reduce the number of idle cards and can finish your game quicker than your opponents.

These are some unique moves you can make when you play online rummy tournaments and climb the ladder of success the quicker. A take away tip would be to check for promotions and coupon codes that can get you some extra bucks for minimum spends. We will leave you with some games of online rummy laded with promotions to help you collect maximum value this month.

It’s Happy Hours on RummyBaazi!

India’s Most Rewarding Rummy site, RummyBaazi invites all players to the cash tables of online rummy this December. It’s Happy Hours on the cash tables wherein everyone can play cash onine games and earn double Reward Points. Reward Points can be earned for free on cash games of all stakes and is applicable on all variants of rummy offered by RummyBaazi.

These Reward Points can unlock some incredible gifts and cash prizes on RummyBaazi. Players can play cash games during Happy Hours and earn double Reward Points and unlock these Rewards much faster.

Here are the time slots.

  • Play between 01:00AM-09:00AM to earn 2x Reward Points
  • Play between 5:00PM-9:00PM to earn 1.5x Reward Points
  • Happy Hours are live till 31st December

Plus, the online rummy site is also releasing a bunch of freerolls and online rummy tournaments for very affordable buy-ins. Employ these moves in your online rummy strategy and put an incredible finish to 2020. All the best!

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