Choosing A Monitor To Watch Netflix

Netflix has become the most popularly used online media services provider in the world. Many people love to lay back on the weekends and enjoy a movie or binge-watch a series with a couple of tasty snacks.

If there is no space for a flat-screen in your room, then you can get an excellent monitor to Netflix and chill. Not only that, but a monitor can also be used for many other functions.

Choosing the right monitor is not easy, but here are a few tips for picking out the right monitor to watch Netflix help you out.


When it comes to screen size, you should first take a look at the space you have and correctly measure it. Also, remember that screen sizes are measured diagonally and not horizontally.

Then, you can try to find the biggest size that you can afford and fit in your place. No one ever said their screen is too big, but people do complain about smaller sizes a while after their purchase.


The resolution of the monitor really matters because you want to watch your movies and TV shows on Netflix in the best quality possible.

If money allows, then you can try getting a monitor that has a 4K display. These are top-end monitors, and it doesn’t get better than this.

But if you want to get a bigger screen and your budget doesn’t allow that with 4K monitors, then you can take a look at monitors that have a 1920×1080, or 16:9 ratio. These provide you with an excellent resolution, and you won’t have to dive too deep into your savings to purchase one. You can definitely try out the “Desklab” touchscreen portable monitor in brilliant 4K resolution and vivid colors that make your Netflix viewing experience, even more thrilling and picture-perfect. It connects easily with all peripherals, including your Android phone, and thus the 4k portable monitor can also perform the role of a best travel monitor, while you’re out on a holiday with friends or family.

Viewing Capabilities

When you are watching a movie on a monitor, you might occasionally need to move from one spot to another. One day you could be watching directly from the front, and the next day you might want to watch from a different spot that is on the side.

With a regular monitor, you will have to move the screen if you want to change your seating position. But with a monitor that has an in-plane switching and vertical alignment, you are good to go. They are great for the price, and you can have a better experience with them.


Many people only look at the size and resolution when it comes to buying monitors. They automatically assume that it will have the right ports. But then there is a big regret later on when they can’t connect to their monitors.

Before you buy, make sure your monitor as at least two HDMI in, a DVI, a VGA, and a couple of USB ports. These should be perfect unless you need some more based on your needs.

Refresh Rate

It is the number of times your monitor can refresh in one second. Like other numbers associated with monitors, the highest number is always the best and most expensive option.

However, you should look into a monitor with a refresh rate of 120Hz. anything over that wouldn’t be ideal for watching movies and series. 

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