Casino Link Building Services: Boost Your Online Presence and Rankings

The casino industry has always been a good investment, as it is one of the most thriving industries nowadays. With a high level of profit comes a high level of competition, with new game providers appearing every day. Aiming for the top places in the search lists, iGaming providers look for ways to improve their online presence and engage as many users as possible. One of the best existing methods to improve online visibility is a link building strategy, which promotes the ascending development of the gaming niche and works perfectly to establish its brands.

Casino Link Building Services

What are the backlinks and how do casino link building services work? Let’s follow the guide.

What is link building?

Link building is a common practice that is used for establishing the brand’s online visibility and authority. The main idea is to insert the hyperlinks (backlinks) that lead back to the website in question to various sources. The more quality links pointing toward your web resource, the higher chance it has to appear in the top list of the search page. 

Why is casino link building different?

The gambling sphere has always been a matter of discussion and dispute. Therefore, finding accepting websites for link insertion can be pretty big arduous. Besides, Google algorithms are more nit-picking regarding the casino industry. Therefore, it takes a great deal of expertise and experience to build an efficient and workable link building strategy, not just theoretical knowledge.

Why is Casino Link Building Important?

What do you see when googling “the best casinos for beginners”? Right, the list of options to choose from. Typically, the users don’t go further than the first page of search results, therefore, that’s the main goal of any casino link building agency – promote the website visibility in the search list, making it dominant among the competitors.

How to Create a Casino Link Building Strategy?

Link building is based on cooperation with others. However, the choice partners for linking should be built on the following criteria:

1. Website authority – the metrics given to any website and refers to its “strength and influence” in any niche. It is measured from 0 to 100, with the latter one being the highest score. The figures define the possibility of the website being ranked high in the search engine result pages.

Another aspect to consider – is the relevance of the website to the niche. As such open and free resources like Wikipedia may have a top DA (100), yet it contains no-follow links, bringing no value to your iGaming platform.

2. Relevance of the page – ensure the high-quality content which is being linked to. The page needs to contain all the information that might be useful for the target group of your website – game guides and strategies, odds, strategy pages, playing odds, etc.

3. Type of linking page – the more varied the linking – the better. If your website keeps getting links from the same website, it may deteriorate your ranking, as it will be taken as an affiliate site or a PBN.

How To Implement Casino Backlinking?

1. Create a worth-sharing content

The content to be referred to should be informative and concise, written by a person with a high level of expertise and experience, and, should be a bit entertaining, including one or two jokes, and memes related to gambling. Such an approach will make the text easier to comprehend and will be relevant to the modern style of communication.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest posts are one the brilliant techniques used by backlink building services. The author makes an article with casino links to your iGaming website, and then it is posted on various related websites. Guest blogging helps to establish the brand of the casino, as it is written specifically for a game provider, and set the tone of the brand.

3. Niche edits

A shortened variant of guest blogging, and less laborious. Instead of creating new content, the backlink is inserted into already-existing content, with a few modifications to make it look natural. Typically, it works as a replacement for broken links and benefits the accepting website as well.

4. Vlogging

Vloggers with a high level of expertise are pretty influential. If they share the link to your iGaming platform, it will certainly enhance your organic traffic. Such cooperation works in two ways and benefits both sides. However, such cooperation is only possible if you can offer a top-notch quality of content and games.

5. Affiliate marketing

A rather conventional approach is used to promote casinos, which is based on commissioning. Every time an affiliate directs the player to your шgaming website, the casinos pay the pre-arranged commission.

6. Social networks

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram – every platform offers a value of direct communication with the users-to-be or the loyal gamers. They help to keep everyone updated and engaged. Besides, social networks allow instant communication in case of issues with the iGaming platform, or any other problems regarding the games.

The Bottom Line

Online gambling brings fun, entertainment, and a rush of adrenaline to every player. Considering the easy access to casino websites, there are more and more people willing to try their hand at a few games. Such a demand gives rise to numerous game providers, who are fighting against each other for a bigger number of players, and thus, better profitability of the business. However, getting closer to the users is rather a challenge, as everyone’s aim is the top list of search results on the very first page.

Aiming to reach high search positions, the iGaming platform needs to plan and implement a link building strategy, which will help to establish the brand’s name and reputation, attract the user’s attention, and get better organic traffic, ascending the search list results.

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