Canada’s online world. How to visit the country without entering it?

Dreaming to visit Canada but it’s not easy for you for one reason or another? Well, you shouldn’t put your plans on hold. Most of Canada’s cities offer an opportunity for virtual tourists to visit some of their famous attractions. From museums and casinos to even icebergs, there are many online adventures worthy of your attention.

You can start your virtual tour by visiting a virtual museum. This online-only facility features a collection of experiences and stories from Canada’s best museums and heritage organizations.

Look at the overwhelming Canadian nature by taking a virtual tour of the wildlife-rich Robert Bateman Centre. It will allow you to learn about BC dinosaur fossils and the Great Bear Rainforest via the Royal BC Museum’s learning portal.

Interested in gambling in Canada? The best online casinos of Сanada are waiting for you! Most things you’d like to see or know about this great country are available on plenty of online platforms. Just pick the one you want.

Why is gambling so popular in Canada?

The latest surveys show that online gambling has gained a great popularity in Canada lately. In the previous years, it was prohibited for any online gambling sites to operate within the country. However, today you can play online games at offshore websites as well as at sites operating within Canada. So, how and why online gambling became so popular in Canada?

You will be surprised but the numbers of females that are gaming from mobile devices outnumber those of men. However, about 80% of online gamblers are males, while women are only represented with 20% there.

The population of casino players is mainly youth. It’s understandable! Young people have more time to try online gaming.

According to stats, male Canadians prefer table games and online slots, while women rather opt for luck games such as Bingo. Generally, Roulettes are the most popular games in the country. Also, Canadians don’t fear blowing away their money at

Gambling there is so enticing because the government doesn’t tax online winnings. Besides, tremendous wins in Canada aren’t that rare. For instance, the winner of Mega Moolah progressive slot jackpot won $ 7.5 million.

Where is it better in America or in Canada?

Canada is absolutely safe and sound. The average crime rate is four times lower than in the USA. Education really matters in Canada. The fact of the matter is that the government spends a huge amount of capital on education.

Canada is a country of immigrants. It’s a liberal country that offers equal civil rights to all citizens.

Apart from being multicultural, Canada is full of beautiful places. There are millions of square kilometers of natural wonders such as lakes, mountains and forests. Let alone the Niagara Falls and Banff National Park of Canada! Stanley Park, the Butchart Gardens and Fairmont le Château Frontenac are just a few of the most famous Canadian attractions.

On the contrary, the United States of America is known as a land of opportunities. The weather is different in all 50 states and varies from extremely hot summers to cold and long winters.

The best quality of the US is wealth and freedom. Since the country is rich, there are a lot of options to invest in.

Americans are known as very sociable and positive, especially towards internationals or immigrants. Although it’s very expensive, medical care there is among the best in the world. America has a developed economy that works for everyone’s success and is safe when it comes to crime rates.


There still remain many differences and similarities between Canadian and the US online gambling markets. Both of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some might say that Canada is much better because there are no laws for this matter and it should stay in its current position. However, you feel safer when your country’s laws back you up in any potential fraud, don’t you? And this is a major win for the USA! Nonetheless, both countries do all it takes to clear the obstacles in their ways. So we hope that Canada will resolve this matter in the near future and the US will give a chance to international online casinos.

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