Can You Trick a Slot Machine?

Slots machines have given pleasure to millions of players over the years, but some people wonder whether there is some way of tricking a machine of this type to increase their chances of winning.

What are the key points to take into account that let us see how they operate?  And is it possible to do it on both land-based machines and on an online casino?

The Role of the Random Number Generator

The move to online slot machines in recent years has undoubtedly made it easier and more convenient for us to play some games. We can head to an online casino at any time of day or night and play from home, using a desktop computer or mobile device for access.

Yet, while you might think this makes the games less secure and fair, the opposite is actually the case. This is because the biggest games developers like NetEnt and IGT use the latest technology to ensure that their players get a completely fair experience at all times. The gameplay is similar to that seen on mechanical slots machines in the past but with an online approach that removes any possibility of manual tricks.  

The random number generator (RNG) is a good example of how this works. Every slot now has an RNG at its heart. This is a piece of software that ensures that every spin is completely random and unpredictable, so it means that the chances of winning are always fair for both you and the casino. No one can know what will happen next after you hit the button to start the reels spinning.

What Does the RTP Mean?

Return to player (RTP) is another crucial term in the world of online slots. In this case, we’re looking at a phrase that tells us what the game should return to all of its players over a period of time.

This is shown as a percentage and the closer it is to 100%, the better the chances are of winning. Of course, the RTP doesn’t let you see exactly how much you will get back from your stake, as it’s based on thousands or millions of spins. However, it lets you get a feel for the game’s potential returns. 

The RTP can’t be fooled or changed by players. This means that the chances of winning are strictly controlled by this number. It’s another factor that helps us to see that there is no way of tricking a slot machine to pay out more than it should.  

All Reputable Slots Are Regularly Tested

The previous points are all good news for someone who just wants a fair game with a reasonable chance of winning money on it. Yet, you may now wonder how much you can really trust these things to do what they’re meant to.

Well, if you use a reputable online casino that only includes slots from the best developers you can be certain that the slots are all regularly tested for security and fairness. These developers use independent, third-party testing agencies such as eCOGRA to make sure that their games are working perfectly.

Remember that these are games where no strategy is needed, other than that of working out how much to stake on each spin. Slots are games of chance where you simply have to hit the play button and then hope to see a set of winning symbols fall into place across the reels. 

All of these points mean that you can completely trust the top online slots that you find on highly-rated casinos. You can’t trick them into paying out more than they should, but you can look forward to a fun experience with a random outcome. 

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