Can You Get a Wisconsin Real Estate License Online? What You Need to Know

The world has changed into a global digital village where the internet connects people. Today, you can access government services online, learn online, shop online, and even date online. Forget everything else, and let’s focus on whether or not it is possible to get a Wisconsin real estate license online.

Just to break the ice, it is possible to get a Wisconsin real estate license online by applying through the Online Licensure Application System (OLAS) after meeting all of the requirements. So, let’s just focus on what you need to do before the application.

Check if You Meet All the Requirements

First, check the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) requirements before attempting anything. You must be of a minimum age of 18 years old and must be a resident or citizen of the United States of America.

It is crucial to meet these pre-licensing qualifications to avoid wasting a lot of time, especially when taking the Wisconsin 72-hour real estate course, which takes some time.

Enroll for Online Real Estate Course

Now that you want to acquire a Wisconsin real estate license online, you should take advantage of the online courses offered by certified schools or platforms. RealEstateU is one such platform with affordable packages. Whether you want basic real estate classes in Wisconsin or extra resources, you will find a solution here.

Taking education online is more convenient and affordable than physical classes. You can learn at your own pace while doing other things such as attending an internship if you already have a sponsoring broker.

Take a Real Estate Exam

Just like other states, Wisconsin offers a real estate exam to all Wisconsin real estate license applicants. It is also an exam, making your Wisconsin real estate license online application very easy. You must pass this exam before making the application.

The best thing is that you can repeat the exam until you pass. But the catch is that you have to pay for the exam each time. So, ensure that the WI real estate license course helps you to pass this exam.

Get Police Clearance

Getting police clearance is also a requirement when acquiring a Wisconsin real estate license online. You can also make the application online, but you will need to present yourself for fingerprint screening. There is nothing to worry about because the police will clear you very fast so you can proceed to the last step.

Apply for the Real Estate License

After taking the Wisconsin real estate license online course and fulfilling all other requirements, you can now make the online application for the license. As mentioned, Wisconsin has an OLAS portal where you will create an account and apply for a real estate license online.


Is it possible to apply and get a Wisconsin real estate license online? We already said it is possible, and now you can confirm that it is. The secret is meeting all of the qualifications, especially the licensing education through a platform that offers real estate courses Wisconsin. With this information, you will definitely be successful. All the best.

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