Business Guide: How to Effectively Deliver a Live Course in 5 Steps

The success of live courses depends on many things; the engagement level, the quality of material, and the amount of information that’s successfully sunk in. If your business depends on the success of these live courses, whether you’re a big brand or a solo entrepreneur, then there are many things you can seek to do in order to deliver an enjoyable live course presentation.

Delivering a live course and striving for success with it can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be; this guide can help.

Step 1: Schedule Your Timing

Live courses shouldn’t seem too rehearsed, as you still want to provide a similar environment to the classroom in which everything moves at a natural pace. However, knowing your timing will make sure that you get everything in that you need to, as well as helping you to plan when to move on to the next key point. Scheduling your timing is an essential tool for the one doing the presenting, but also helps to keep the flow natural and engaging — which will be beneficial for your students.

Step 2: Provide Captioning Options

The best educational resources and live courses inspire extensive notetaking, with students needing to ingest and look back on a large amount of information. This means that your live course should always be tailored for the best notetaking processes for the good of your students and the effectiveness of your course.

Using real time captioning means information within a live presentation can avoid being missed or misinterpreted. You’re enabling the experience to be improved by delivering your information in a better way, and when it’s a live event, this is crucial for good communication in the moment.

Step 3: Bond with Your Audience

A teacher who knows their students will always know how to get the best out of them, as well as be able to tailor their lessons for maximum potential. The same applies when you’re in the business of delivering live courses; you need to understand your students in the same way that you would understand a business target market (and, in this case, they would be the same thing) so that you can tailor your courses to their needs and preferences.

Step 4: Always Use Technology You Can Depend On

No matter how exciting your educational material and how effectively you plan, this can all be let down by a simple technology error. If you’re providing a live feed of a training course or using technology to support a presentation, then it’s essential you invest in the best quality to make sure audio and visual feeds are of the highest quality.

Step 5: Have a Clear Persona

A big selling point for live courses can be your personality and presence. Students will learn more effectively from live course personalities they can relate to, respect, and enjoy. Having a clear brand voice for your live course business will always help you to form better connections with those choosing to take your live courses.

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