Boost your business productivity with the Odoo Inventory Management

Global digitalization has propelled ground-breaking changes in every sphere of business management, including warehouse activities – the majority of ‘traditional’ style warehouses have switched to an omnichannel functionality, managing the order of online and brick-and-mortar stores. Such an additional load challenged the IT sphere, which came up with a cover-it-all solution, an Odoo ERP – software to facilitate the workflow of a company, and the warehouses in particular.

Why does every company need to implement Odoo ERP solutions, and how to find a proper Odoo integrator? Let’s discover together.

Odoo Inventory Management

What is Odoo ERP software?

Odoo ERP is a modern management solution that helps to organize and control the workflow and unite all the departments under one system. Odoo ERP is a system of modules that help to regulate the functioning of various spheres of business including CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc.

Depending on the needs, different modules can be added to the system, reacting to all the company’s changes. Such flexibility makes Odoo ERP a one-size-fits-it-all solution, as long as it literally automates and controls all the processes within the company.

What is Odoo Inventory Management?

The warehouse is an integral part of every business, it is a hub where all the goods are registered, stored, redistributed, loaded, unloaded, sent to the client, etc. Such a multitude of activities seems to be daunting, when managed manually, with a high risk for mistakes. However, the implementation of Odoo ERP can create an inventory turnover, giving management the tools to control every single activity performed within the warehouse.

The benefits of Odoo Inventory Implementation:

1. Traceability

The Odoo platform empowers the user with control over the product movements inside and outside the company while shipping it to the customers. Every product is assigned a unique serial number and a lot, which make it easily traceable within the system. With such a uniques and automatic numbering, all the products will always be inside the manager’s visibility, will be no lost-and-forgotten ones.

2. Number of shipments

Odoo ERP gives freedom of purchase as it becomes possible to accept multiple shipments during the day, from different vendors. Odoo sets no limit for the number of shipments and products, only the size of a place matters. Besides, the customer is informed about the availability of the product when checking it online, and the same information is shown on the point of sale window of the retail store.

3. Multiple warehouses

Big corporations that own a few warehouses in different locations around the globe have the possibility to manage them effectively through a single platform.

4. Routes of Movement

The platform enables users with the tools to create all routes of the product for manufacturing, purchase, or sales. The route is based on the product movement rules within the company and the rules available on the platform.

5. Reordering stock

Odoo ERP will keep an eye on the sufficiency of the stock, and provide the users with real-time insights. Besides, the software allows one to set the minimum and maximum amount of a particular stock, which prevents the problem of over- and understocking.

6. On-time Advanced Reporting

As long as the system has all the departments interconnected, it can present the on-demand reports anytime. The reports can be presented in the form of pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs. They are generated according to the needs of the users through various parameters mentioned in the filter.

How to Choose an Odoo ERP Integrator?

Odoo ERP is the basis of the successful functioning of the company, however, its proper implementation depends on a reliable contractor. Trying to gather all the key moments to consider, we have contacted VentorTech, a company that has been implementing Odoo ERP solutions for years, to help us set the priorities:

1. Focus on the business

It probably looks like a no-brainer option, yet, it is the foundation of the whole further cooperation. The company integrator is the one who knows to listen to the client. The partner-to-be needs to understand the business, all the processes within, and the expected deliverables. Only after seeing the big picture can they offer the appropriate solutions and add-ons.

In case the communication starts with the advertisement of a service and a desire to implement as many modules as possible, it is worth checking up on a different company.

2. Extensive knowledge

Knowledgeability is simply a ‘must-have’ option, a key to company performance, however, ERP implementation requires a wider range of expertise. Odoo ERP is connected to various systems already existing inside the company. The partner needs to have knowledge of all the systems that can be integrated and understand how to handle the issues that might come up.

3. Experience

The business world is often blamed for being prejudiced toward new and inexperienced companies. However, taking risks, when the company’s functioning is under question, is not sensible. Check up on the company records, successful deals, and partners. Make sure you look through the reviews on the sites like Clutch and GoodFirms, as they present niche-oriented reviews, and Google, yet its reviews are less extensive.


Odoo ERP solutions provide every business with the possibility to streamline all the operations within the structure, improve communication, and enhance productivity. When implementing Odoo, you will be well aware of all the changes within the company and the market, thus, being ready with on-time solutions in case of fluctuations.

Considering the modular structure of Odoo ERP, every business can start with the more critical solutions, to manage the most active departments, like warehouses, and then, implement other add-ons.

If you are still in two minds, it is worth contacting the professionals and asking them for a piece of advice. You can book a one-hour free consultation with VentorTech, whose professional managers will listen to you and share their knowledge on the matter.

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