Bingo Jokes That Are Still Being Used Today

Bingo gaming is one of the most fun games that punters play at It is not only a fun game; it is also a popular game existing for centuries. There is a lot of variation to this game, which varies according to countries.

For example, the United States of America has a different version from the United Kingdom or what is whereas called the British version. Some jokes are being said and used in this game. We are going to mention some of these jokes in a few paragraphs. You sure want to know them, right?

Origin of Bingo Jokes

There are sayings and jokes peculiar to bingo games alone. These jokes are used for bingo gaming now but generally used by people.  Some people now use jokes and sayings in their sentences and interactions with friends. It is possible that you also have heard a few ones yourself, but well, they all originated from bingo houses, from the bingo community. Some are about players; some are about ladies; some are about bingo sites.  It all depends. Let’s take a look at some of these jokes.

Some Categories of Bingo jokes

Playing or Calling Bingo Jokes

Players and Punters Bingo jokes

Only Ladies’ night jokes

Bingo Jokes About Sites

Bingo 10 Commandments 

Some of The Funniest Bingo Jokes

1.    We played BINGO last night inside the shuttle; he said, “don’t worry, it’s a B-9

2.    What’s got 99 balls and fucks, old ladies? BINGO

3.    A guy goes to the doctor and gets diagnosed with yellow 158, and he is told he has a week to live. His wife asks him what he would like to do, and he says he would like to go to the Bingo as he is never tried it. His wife says, okay, darling, if that is your wish.

He wins a LOT OF MONEY plus an entertainment system in the first game he plays. He revisits the casino, wins a house, went back the third day, and wins another. The speaker noticed this and was like, ‘you are a fortunate man; you’ve won many these past days; you are the luckiest man alive.’ The guy answered him, “I am not lucky; I’ve got yellow 158’ the speaker replied: Geezo, you’ve won the raffle too!

4.    The bingo team organized a jazz show and named it “Jump and Jive.”

5.    Kiki advised her student not to wear droopy drawers and pull up their pants for the next game.

6.    People laugh at the number 63 during bingo gaming because it tickles, like “sixty – three.” 7.             What do you think Non- vegetarians play Bingo with? Answer – They play it with steak money.

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