Bingo etiquette: Playing with courtesy and respect

This game of chance has been a worldwide staple for decades. The joys of marking off numbers with a dauber and listening to the creative calls have made Bingo what it is today.

However, now you can also play online with the same amount of fun you’d have at a land-based establishment.

Within any casino game, whether you’re playing online or in person, you should be courteous to other players. But if you’re stepping up to your next Bingo game, here are just a few ways in which you can ensure everyone can enjoy daubing off their numbers.

Be on time and prepared

If you’re heading to a physical Bingo hall, the most important first step is to be on time, so that you don’t disrupt the game flow. A game may already have started, so if you can, check the starting times of each game beforehand.

It may also be useful to familiarise yourself with the specific Bingo rules to prevent confusion during a game, whilst valuing the caller and other players’ time.

Respect the caller

Within the majority of Bingo games, the caller controls gameplay and is responsible for announcing the numbers as they appear.

They ensure the game runs smoothly, so it’s always important to pay attention to them and listen carefully.

Ensure that you follow their rules and any issues within the game should be brought up politely – no one wants a hostile gaming environment.

Be aware of your volume

Within a Bingo hall, it’s important to keep to an appropriate volume, ensuring a respectful atmosphere where all players have an equal chance to hear the caller.

Of course, you may be joyful if you are close to a Bingo line, but getting too loud could cause other people to miss the numbers being called out.

You can still celebrate your achievements, just at a reasonable level!

Be graceful no matter the outcome

In a game of chance, you may succeed, but you also might not – that’s just how the game goes. Obviously, it’s not nice to have no Bingo lines, but this should be taken in stride.

On the other hand, it’s important not to gloat about successes. In all cases, you should be graceful, as Bingo is a game where you can never predict the outcome!

Put your phone on silent

Bingo halls are known for being quiet as gameplay begins, so all players can hear the dealer and mark off their numbers accurately.

A top tip would be to turn your electrical devices to silent mode to avoid disturbing yourself and others during the game.

You should also try to avoid taking phone calls during the game – there will be plenty of breaks so you can catch up on anything you’ve missed during them.

With five ways to remain respectful whilst playing Bingo, these tips will ensure that not only you, but everyone involved will have the best time trying their chances at shouting “Bingo”!

When will you be attending your next Bingo game?

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