Best Websites To Chat With Strangers

Talking to people, we don’t know is a fun and learning experience altogether. You can talk about anything without the fear of being judged, learn new languages, meet people from all over the world, and share the secrets of leading a happy life. So, it is never a loss to get connected with someone you never knew.

Today Technology has blessed us with so many websites and apps that made it possible to chat and talk to anyone sitting overseas. Earlier at the onset of mobile phones, sending text SMS was in trend. Today, a new trend of video calling is welcoming us with good quality video and audio. It feels as if the person is sitting right in front of you.

You should bookmark these highly reliable websites for chatting with strangers through text or video and log in to anytime when you feel alone.


Chat42 is the anonymous chat portal for one to one chat. Chatting through Chat42 is quite secure and safe because it neither demands you to fill any form nor requires you to get connected with your Google account. The website gives a disclaimer before taking you in the chat game.

When you tap on the “I agree” button, the search bots will take you to a stranger in no time. It does not allow any kind of abuse, threaten, use of hateful speech, demonstrate violence, advertise, or other apps. Chat42 also offer you random video call functionality which you can use to connect with strangers.


What is Arousr? Only the best app for texting ever! If you are used to SMS texting, you will love it! And if you don’t, it is high time you learned how to do it! This app is one of the safest and most secure ways to send tasty content and receive some! Not only will you meet gorgeous ladies of all ages and body types here, but you can choose various chat options. 

Is this site pricey? It depends on how addicted to texting you are! The more you pay, the longer your services will last, so basically, you get what you pay for. Sounds good? The site is very elegant and the interface is top-tier, so everything here is easy to navigate. The only flaw of this app is that you will fall in love with these classy ladies!


LOVOO is quite a popular platform among people who always need someone stranger to talk. Since 6 years this Application has been serving the best of its services for the users finding friends online. It can help you to break the ice talking with someone whom you can share your feelings frankly.

Please note that LOVOO registers you as a user in its directory hence it is not anonymous. However, if you wish to keep yourself anonymous, there is always the option to enter the fake details if you don’t want to disclose who you are.


Chatting can never be so much fun and easy as it is made by LetsChat.Me. It offers you encrypted random chat with strangers feature. This website keeps your identity absolutely secret and the chat history here is encrypted for the security of user’s data. Developers have made this web application free from bots.

So, you can be assured that you will always be connected to the real human for real interaction. It matches you with a random stranger. Once you get started boring, you may leave by simply tapping the “End Chat” option. The services of LetsChat. Me is extended to all over the world, so there are high chances that you always get paired with someone new.


Splansh is a 100% stranger app that won’t reveal who you are and connect you with people to chat on any random topic. However, the app offers you the alternative to showcase yourself. Like any social networking site, one can add profile photos and add personal details.

It is often seen on such websites that people misuse the anonymity feature but Splansh protects its users by adding bad word blocker. It has many other features like you can share the song you are plugged in or send a selfie or simply share your mood. What makes Splansh unique is that it provides blogs to read that help in changing a bad mood into a good mood.


If you love to discover and meet new people every day, you must try the Azar app. The coverage of the app is worldwide hence, you can be friends with anyone from any country, whom you will not know. The navigation of Azar is super smooth that everything is available at just the swipe of your finger. Since the app is operated everywhere in the world, it facilitates support to all the languages from different countries.

As usual users of such platforms like to keep their profile secret, Azar offers the function of instant voice and text translators. Over the video chats, you can make use of hundreds of Actions, filters, and funny costumes to have fun. All-in-all, Azar ends your search for a good stranger chat app.

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