6 Best Websites To Earn More Than $400 Doing PK

Streaming has taken great popularity in recent years. Thanks to the possibilities to interact with the content creator that it offers, it has been a very appreciated option by the public. If you are starting in this field, surely you want to know what mechanisms exist to make money on these platforms. That is why you should know the PK, a practice that can be very helpful, read on to find out what it is and some pages to make money doing PK.

What is PK?

By its acronym “player knock-out“, PK is a competitive live broadcasting mode, in which 2 or more streamers interact. During a period of time, they compete to see who is the favorite of the public, the audience votes by means of gifts or tips and once the designated time is over, the one with the highest number of points in favor will be the winner of the challenge.

This is a streaming method that became popular on pages to earn money making Asian PK, but it was so well received by the public and content creators that other applications began to implement it. All this is because it is a very dynamic way to promote donations from viewers and interact with them throughout the transmission.

As you can see, this is not a unique option of a specific platform, so there are several portals in which to make PK as well as different mechanisms. Within the same app, you can find several options to make PK, all kinds of formats, and you can even create your own variation of this activity, but for this, you must know some portals that will help you.

6 Best Websites To Earn More Than $400 Doing PK

PK is no longer a function unique to platforms in the east of the world, many of the most popular streaming apps have incorporated their own PK options. Each one adds or omits certain elements, but all of them offer their content creators the possibility to take advantage of this option in their broadcasts. So if you are interested in knowing where to stream live and make money, or how to take advantage of this functionality, these are some of the most popular sites to make money doing PK currently.

1. Uplive

This is an app that has been dedicated to live streaming for quite some time, it emerged in mid-2016 in China. Within it you can be a content creator or a viewer, it has payment methods such as Payoneer or PayPal. You will find many users, as it has more than 60 million downloads and 100,000 global broadcasters, so it will be easy to find an audience for you.

If you want to dedicate yourself to creating content on this platform, you will have several ways of monetization, you can earn money for carrying out missions and as you level up, your rewards will be greater. To transmit you only need to be of legal age, have a cell phone suitable for the activity, and an appropriate internet connection.

The process of starting a PK is quite simple, you must click on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen and start your transmission. Once you are in the stream you will see the various functions that you can use, you can find among them PK or duel when you select it you must indicate the members and you will be ready to start your PK in Uplive.

If among the pages to earn money doing PK, Uplive seems interesting to you, one of the most important aspects to take into account when broadcasting on this platform is the time, because you need to fulfill a number of hours per week and per month to be able to get paid. You must do at least 40 hours per month distributed among 20 days minimum to be able to get paid for live broadcasting, so if you have little time, you should plan accordingly.

2. Hago

This application may not be so well known on this side of the world, as it originated in China; however, the Hago app has plenty of options so you can have fun while making money. It is an application that offers you the possibility to make live broadcasts along with the option to play with your friends and earn money for it.

There are many ways to monetize through this app, one of them is the cash tree, in which for completing certain missions, playing, and interacting with other users you will receive points that can be exchanged later for money. The other function, which is the fastest and the one that makes Hago an excellent option within the pages to earn money doing PK, are the live chat rooms.

Within the chat rooms, the audience can freely interact with content creators, ask questions, and even make donations. As with Uplive, in the chat room, you can take advantage of various stream formats, there you can choose PK or duel to compete with others and see who gets the most interaction from their audience.

3. Twitch

The giant American platform that has marked a before and after in streaming worldwide could not be left out of this list. If you are interested in finding out which sites pay you the most, want to create content for a recognized platform or are looking for a large volume of users, Twitch is an excellent option for you.

To start broadcasting on this platform you have two options, do it from the pc or from your mobile, in both cases mid-range equipment is recommended to achieve quality transmissions and that the image does not freeze during the stream. Besides that, you only need to be of legal age and have a quiet place to start.

A small inconvenience you might have with Twitch is that the process to start a PK is not as simple as in other apps focused on this service. While you can start a group stream with ease, setting up the gifting system and on-screen animations can be a bit tricky if you don’t have experience with the platform.

That is why although starting on Twitch as a streamer is an excellent option thanks to the reach and the number of users, the management of the transmission itself can be laborious; because it does not have such an intuitive system, you have no limitations to customize your transmission but you should get advice and the following link can be very useful for you:

4. Kwai

You probably already know Kwai, an application based on watching short videos, which pays you to watch videos and also pays you to create them. It has become quite popular in recent years, as it is a direct competitor to TikTok, another popular app in the industry.

The process to register on Kwai is quite simple, similar to almost all apps, you just need to create a user, and validate that you are of legal age and ready to stream. It is quite intuitive, it won’t take you long to get used to its options, it has a large volume of users and includes a good video editor.

To start a PK you just have to go to the camera section located at the bottom of the app, once the screen changes in the lower right area you will see a small button that says “Live” or something similar. Once you start broadcasting, you will be able to configure your transmission and choose the PK option that will appear among the various formats to be used.

Kwai is not only one of the pages to earn money doing PK, but it also offers other ways to monetize, you can earn money only as a viewer by staying within the app, making videos, streaming or through referrals. With the referral link you can earn a bonus for each person who creates a user through the link you sent. So with this application, you will find a great variety of methods so that you can generate earnings from your mobile.

5. Tiktok

TikTok is one of the platforms on this list that does not require an introduction, after its success a few years ago it has become extremely popular and important in the world of social networks. However, if you are interested in using TikTok as one of the pages to make money doing PK you should know that there are certain limitations.

Among the requirements of the platform only 2 stand out, the first one is to be over 16 years old and the second one is that you must have at least 1000 followers to make your first transmission. So if you are interested in starting doing PK in this app, you need to first grow in subscribers to unlock the function.

Once you comply with everything stipulated by the app, click on the camera icon and you will see some words at the bottom of the screen, select “Live” and then swipe to the left. The platform is quite comfortable for transmissions, you will see several filters and options to customize your transmission so that with just a little practice you will become an expert in its use.

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6. Bigo

An application focused on a complete service for its content creators, not only offers them an app to earn money by broadcasting live, but also includes options for you to play live and interact with your audience. An interesting option if you want to dedicate yourself to broadcasting since it not only has a nice interface but also has more than 400 million users at present.

Being one of the pages to earn money doing PK, it offers different options for your transmissions. Beyond the filters or transmission modes, Bigo has a particularity, it is one of the few applications of this type that will allow you to transmit with virtual avatars, you can create your own avatar and it will reflect your reactions, similar to how vtubers transmissions work.

Within the app, you can earn money in many ways, either by broadcasting, by watching other people’s broadcasts, by completing missions or by receiving gifts. However, PKing is one of the fastest ways to generate income if you already have a sizeable audience.

What do you need to do PK?

Streaming is an increasingly popular trade among young people, as it is a different form of entertainment than the format that has been enjoyed in recent years. In addition, it is a mechanism to generate income from home and at any time of the day, for which you do not need to have extensive training in any particular subject.

However, there are certain elements that you must have before you can start transmitting. The most essential aspects of the platforms are to be of legal age, have valid identity documents, and have the appropriate time availability. But there are also certain requirements that your team must meet if you want to dedicate yourself completely to broadcasting.

If you simply want to transmit by talking, conversing with your audience, or performing PK, you are lucky because the requirements for your cell phone will not be so high. A mid-range cell phone with optimal image quality and a good internet connection will be enough to be able to transmit. This last point is especially important, you should make sure that the latency of your internet service is not too high, because it could present certain failures during the transmission, for this, it is recommended to consult your internet provider.

Broadcasting is an extremely interesting activity to do and there are many pages to earn money doing PK, so if you have reached this point of the post, you just have to try some of the options mentioned above. They are easy-to-use platforms where you just have to be constant to grow and be able to dedicate yourself completely to the transmission of content.

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