Best RTP slot to play online

Return to player value is calculated over the long term, therefore an online gambler can walk away with a huge sum of payout on a little wager or an empty bankroll, that’s it for you, slots games are unpredictable. Information about the return to player value for a lot of experienced online slot players at the casino is very important to them. The RTP can give the gamblers an idea of what they would lose when engaging in a particular game before they play online at UK casinos.

The higher the return to player value the more money the gambler can expect to have back over time. When online gamblers are surveying for the right slot, they consider the RTP very important.

If you are here to find out some of the best Return to player value casino slots in the market, let’s take a good look at the games below;

The book of 99

The book of 99 is one of the best slots for engaging in online games. One of the amazing features is that it has a ninety-nine percent return value, at the time it was released to an online gaming site every player was so stunned at the rate, meaning that the one percent left will be returned to the players over time. It offers special symbol action, played out over a five-reel, ten playline grid. The bonus can be triggered by scatters or wild features, with a max of 5000 times, book 99 is the most generous slot.

Marching legions

Marching Legions has quite a generous return to the player value of up to 98.12%. The game is unique, has a five-reel and two hundred- and three-ways grid. It has free spins and to trigger free spins you would have to collect so much legionary stack. When you collect the horn symbols it moves you to a higher wave level and wins up to 10,000 times.

Mega joker

Mega joker offers up to 99% RTP, this is quite high, but apart from this it also offers progressive jackpots, since the year 2013 mega joker has been the favourite of its fans since its release to the net.  Has three reels and five pay lines.

Jackpot 6000

Jackpot 6000 is classified under one of the best RTP slots to play online, it has 98.86% RTP, having five reels, three rows, and a classic slot appearance, it is fun to engage in. Players use their wins to play super meters which are expensive but give a reward of up to 6000 coins when the mystery price is revealed.


Dinopolis gives a fresh and fun gaming experience, comes with a high RTP, and also puts Dinosaurs to use as you’ve never seen them in a slot before. Seeing dinosaurs on the television should give you a little idea of what this is about. It offers free spins lucky players are pushed towards a maximum of 50,000 times.

Final words

Return To Player is an important piece of information used to determine if a slot is right for you. RTP gives you an idea of how to approach slots, although it might not be the main technique, it would be ideal to go for the high and best rated RTP’s.

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