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The popularity of Lab Grown Diamonds is growing with each passing day. Among other reasons, because they are more sustainable than those extracted from the earth. It is estimated that in the last three years, despite the global crisis, the Lab Grown Diamonds sector experienced a powerful growth in demand and a significant price decrease compared to natural diamonds.

In this article, we will go into more detail on the subject as well as review the best place to buy diamonds online.

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

These gems are manufactured with extreme heat and pressure, exactly replicating the geological process that gives rise to natural diamonds. A sliver of an existing diamond, known in the industry as a “seed,” is placed in a reactor with pure graphite carbon or other carbon-rich gas. At maximum temperatures, atoms attach to the seed and within weeks a gemstone is born and grows. The superheated gas chamber increases the volume of the diamond.

There are two types of processes. One is HPHT (high pressure high temperature) and the other is CVD (chemical vapor deposition). Both HPHT and CVD diamonds are of proven quality. At companies such as Rare Carat, it is possible to find out more online.

Like natural diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds are crystals made of carbon. Their crystalline and molecular structure is identical to that of their traditionally mined cousins. Physically, they are exactly the same as mined diamonds and should not be confused with a simulated diamond.

Why are Lab Grown Diamonds superior?

Lab Grown Diamonds are the industry’s new green luxury. Among the reasons why they are said to be superior to natural diamonds are the following:

  • Scientists have perfected the process that mimics the geological conditions in which diamonds reproduce.
  • The perfection of the process has achieved parameters of quality, tone and purity that envy nothing to those of natural diamonds.
  • Diamonds mined by traditional methods compromise the environment and the integrity of the communities involved in the mining sector.

In addition, a Lab Grown Diamond is more economical for the consumer. Its price is considerably lower. The buyer gets a larger gemstone for the same budget. Another significant advantage, because this gemstone is of equal quality and sometimes even higher quality than a natural diamond.

The laboratory diamond is increasingly used by prestigious jewelry brands, according to the values of sustainability prevailing in this third millennium. Rare Carat, an industry leader, is firmly committed to it.

Rare Carat online

Rare Carat is committed to the Lab Grown Diamonds as an ecological solution. It understands the healing role of this type of offering and is sensitive to the environmental cause.

The company has received a large number of glowing reviews on both Google Business Profile and Trustpilot, and is considered the leading source of unbiased advice for diamond engagement rings in the United States.

It is currently possible to order diamonds online. In fact, online shopping is considered to lead the market and is steadily growing in consumer preference. Rare Carat offers unbeatable guarantees for digital commerce, with a website set up for exhaustive research and constant interaction.

Navigation is a pleasure on the company’s website. One click away is the 3 carat lab grown diamond price, where it is also possible to find succulent offers and specific prices for other carats Also one click away is a site guide with added menu And all this with integrated chat.

Warranties and Facilities

Rare Carat tests over one million of its Lab Grown Diamonds at specialty retailers. Gemological verifications are free of charge to the customer. The company establishes the authenticity of each diamond with its laser inscriptions and other standards before the buyer receives the jewel.

Additionally, the customer can be assured that at Rare Carat he interacts with a graduate gemologist, an expert with certificates to prove it. Not a minor detail. It is rare that the buyer can benefit from this level of service in other businesses.

Lifetime warranty on the product and 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked, no fine print. The Rare Carat website offers 30-day returns with no shipping or restocking fees. Customers can also exchange their ring size within 90 days of purchase, completely free of charge.

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