There is no doubt about this fact that Microsoft Office is one of the best Industry Standard , if we talk in terms of its amazing functionalities of integrated applications for database management, presentations, spreadsheets, word processing , email and desktop publishing and many more. In this list, we have gathered some of best open source office suits that are perfect alternatives to Microsoft office.

But with the advent of technology, the introduction of open source software has been introduced as a miraculous functionality that enables the end-users to opt for several available freeware software’s besides retaining the functionality and power of various expensive and registered software’s.

There are numerous alternatives and even the best and most compatible freeware office suites that has been aided with superb built-in functionality and a generous access to the diverse categories of end-users and developers besides enabling you to use the online documentation with great ease.

Once you will initiate utilizing these open source suites, you will significantly realize that all of these freeware office suites support the basic Document File-type standards together with the inclusion of various available Microsoft’s file formats.

 Not only has this, but it all included basic office productivity functionalities including spreadsheets, word-processing, and presentations along with several more alternatives including database tools, storage options and drawing applications at large. Above all, one of the prominent reasons for choosing these open source office suites is the Cost factor.

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Since all the above mentioned software’s are freely available ,so you just forget about the hefty amounts that you need to incur otherwise on the per-user Licensing fee of those Software’s.Emphasized below is the brief description of best and most compatible open source office suites that you can opt as a best alternative to a Microsoft office.

5 Most Compatible And Open Source Office Suites That Are The Best Alternatives To Microsoft Office

Apache Openoffice Suite; best Microsoft Office Alternative

1. Apache Openoffice Suite:

This is one of the best and well-known open source or freeware office suites available these days and is registered with Apache License, Version 2.0. The currently available license of Apache Open Source precisely supports GNU/LINUX, Mac OS X Operating System and Microsoft Windows.

This freeware office suite includes a lot of functionalities like spreadsheets, presentations, word-processing, database, graphs and charts and many more. This freeware office suite allows you to significantly save all the documents in OpenDocument format besides reading and saving the Documents in Microsoft Word format.

If we will talk about the functionality available with the full Apache Office Suite, it includes basic 6 tools to manage and implement various office tasks like Writer– which does the task of a word Processor, Calc-which does the task of a spreadsheet, Draw– a simple Image application that does the task of a paint application.

Impress– which has the same functionality as that of a Multimedia presentation, Base– which does the same task as that of a Access and works as a database application, and Math– that is used to construct Mathematical calculations either by representing them in a graphical manner or writing the formula’s into the available equation editor functionality.


2. Libreoffice

This open source office suite has been developed by ‘The Document Foundation’ in the year 2010 by the Open Office developers and is currently available in 30 plus different programming languages for GNU Linux, windows and Mac OS. LibreOffice is also registered under GNU LGPL (Lesser General Public License) 3.0.

LibreOffice suite is also programmed with similar 6 application as is with Apache OpenOffice Suite, viz . LibreOffice Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base. But, however, both LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice suites differs specifically in terms of both functionality, usability, applications and community support.

Comparison wise LibreOffice also supports various standard packages which allows its end-users with PDF Import option, Wiki Publisher and a Presentation Minimizer.

Google Docs Is Among Best Alternative to Microsoft Office

3. Google Docs:

This is one of the extensive office productivity suite available in the open source mode. Google Docs office suit easily allows anyone having a Google Account to easily create, share or collaborate in an online mode. Not only this, but Google Docs integrates well with enormous available Google services like GChat, Google+, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar and many more ,that is easily accessible from any of the device with a sound Internet Connection and a Browser.

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Google Docs also offers various tools for automation including for documents termed as ‘Google Documents’ – which is an online Word Processor, ‘Google Spreadsheets’– which is used to create and edit Spreadsheets, ‘Google Presentations’– which is used for creating Visual Presentations.

‘Google Drawings’– which is an Image Editor used precisely for creating images, drawings, shapes or any required structure and ‘Google Forms’ –which is precisely used for designing forms that can be embedded well on your web-page or any email.

Koffice Suite

Koffice Suite:

KOffice suite is also one of the most compatible and renowned open source office suite that is licensed under LGPL 2.0 and can be extensively used for Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, and Macintosh Operating Systems at large. The most recent version of this office suite currently available is KOffice 2.3.3.

This open source office suite also includes a wide range of applications including ‘KWord’- which is basically a desktop and word processing application, ‘KCells’– which is a spreadsheet or calculative tool, ‘KPresenter’– which is a multimedia Presentation or showcase tool for illustrating graphs, charts, images or even text.

‘Kexi’- is a database application tool, ‘Kivio’- is a tool for drawing diagrams or flowcharts, ‘KPlato’- which is basically an application used for Project Management along with ‘Krita’ and ‘Karbon’- which are the entirely different two drawing based applications.

IBM Lotus Symphony

5. IBM Lotus Symphony

The IBM Lotus Symphony 3 is basically a freeware Open Source Office Suite designed specifically for Linux, Windows or Mac OS X and has comparably entirely different layout as compared to other online office suites available.

You can significantly install this freeware Office suite on your laptop, by following the simple registration procedure and getting a Unique IBM ID for initiating its use significantly. Once downloaded successfully, you can opt for an OS of your choice and then begin initiating its use quite efficiently.

Like other online suites available, this open source suite also includes the basic functionalities like ‘Lotus Symphony Document’-that works as a word processor, ‘Lotus Symphony Spreadsheet’- used like an Excel and has all basic functionalities as Excel besides quite a few added one as well and ‘Lotus Symphony Presentation’- used excessively for multimedia applications.

Deepak GuptaComputerOpen sourceThere is no doubt about this fact that Microsoft Office is one of the best Industry Standard , if we talk in terms of its amazing functionalities of integrated applications for database management, presentations, spreadsheets, word processing , email and desktop publishing and many more. In this list, we...