4 Best NFT gaming YouTubers to keep up with

NFT gaming has become a lucrative and extremely popular niche on the internet. Because while you play and have fun, you generate income thanks to the blockchain technology that we have already talked about in previous articles such as “NFT trends, the virtual goods that will cost millions”.

And since there is a whole NFT trend in different areas such as art or video games, it is important to keep up to date with what is happening around this. That’s why in Nido Colectivo we wanted to take you a little bit into this NFT video games revolution, showing you the best NFT games Youtubers, considering that NFT games have allowed thousands of people to generate income without leaving home.

3 Best NFT gaming YouTubers to keep up with

4 best NFT gaming youtubers

On YouTube, this NFT gaming revolution has become a huge source of revenue and a subscriber magnet for content creators, specifically gamers. Gamers have capitalised on the fact that millions of people are looking to find out about the possibilities of generating income quickly and safely and can highlight NFT games as a very good possibility.

So if you are interested in the NFT world, you should check out the best NFT gaming YouTubers so that, through their videos, you can learn and even clarify possible doubts about which games are NFT trends.

1. : Ethereum Game

CryptoServal is a one-of-a-kind Ethereum blockchain-based crypto-collectible game. You, the player, assume the position of a pack leader who captures, battles, and spawns animals all over the world in order to destroy your opponents and expand your command and popularity.

Go to to get started. At the very least, you’ll need one animal. However, because each team can have up to three animals, we recommend acquiring at least three animals to improve your chances of winning the fight.

A wild beast is a boss card that is currently being auctioned off, with the proceeds going to its present owner. The probability of spawning is determined by the current price vs the desired price. The current owner receives gems every time the boss is attacked.

Wild animals are subject to an auction system and cannot be freely transferred.

Another way to assess an animal’s strength is to look at its effectiveness. Each point of effectiveness deals about 0.5 percent of the damage. For example, if two sister animals have an effectiveness of 10 and 100, the second animal will deal approximately 2x the amount of damage every attack.

1. Iñigo Echeverría

He is a Spanish gamer who is making his name grow with each passing day. At the time of writing this article he has 48,500 subscribers, and he owes this number to his NFT gaming videos.

His peculiar way of showing the various games simulates a rock star, with a radio announcer’s tone of voice that makes you stay hooked on the video until the end. And he always recommends games that you can get into with little or no investment, which is extremely important for those who don’t have the capital to get started in the world of NFT games.

2. Kenpa505

This young Argentinian is one of the best NFT game youtubers. He has 51,600 subscribers at the time of the creation of this post, to which he does honour. I can say that his channel is exceptional, as it makes you see the games as an activity with the aim of distracting or amusing yourself, obtaining a plus to this idea which is to generate income for the time invested in the game.

Watching a Kenpa video is like receiving a master class on how to start, invest, and which player or accessories to use. He is such a good gamer and influencer that if you have questions or concerns and decide to write to him through his networks, he will gladly answer you and give you his best tools so you can get into the game quickly and safely.

He is one of the best YouTube channels in terms of NFT, as well as you can also watch his live on the Twitch platform where he does weekly raffles of scholarships and opportunities for the various games where he is immersed.

1. Cryptomind

Cryptomind is the name given to what we consider to be the best YouTube channel for NFT gaming. It has 80,800 subscribers and its presenter, of Spanish origin, has a way of explaining and showing the games that are positioned among the best, easy, concise and realistic.

Why do I say this? Because he gives you the freedom to decide if it is a good option for you. He takes into account his own experience and shows from the initial investment capital to the profits. He makes various suggestions within his NFT gaming videos, always highlighting the idea that he is not a financial advisor, but a gamer who wants to help you get started in the world of blockchain gaming.

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To learn more about NFT gaming

Although the list I have just given you is not very extensive, it is quite useful; as these guys give you all the tools and strategies in a comprehensive and easy to understand way for all audiences.

Among the NFT game suggestions they recommend is Axie Infinity, the most virtualised game so far in 2021 leaving substantial profits that they themselves have commented on throughout their broadcasts. They also emphasise that your initial investment is quite high but that after a good battle strategy and daily perseverance you will be able to recover it quickly and then take advantage of your 3 beasts in the game.

This game is followed by Mir4, a free-to-play game, which currently means that you can play it without any initial investment. And although its earnings are low, if you are consistent and creative, you can gradually squeeze out its potential by avoiding at all costs killing your avatars, thus having the possibility to reach the stone that everyone wants to win.

The last game suggestion recommended by these guys, which like Mir4 is Freeplay, is Dragonary, which after earning obsidian and creating your first dragon you can gradually generate income. It is worth noting that it is a fairly simple game and only needs about 20 minutes to achieve the daily goal of coinary token and obsidian.

Certainly, this theme of NFT games is quite revolutionary and booming, as it is one of the best possibilities to generate extra income from home.

While the world continues to have the pandemic knocking on everyone’s doors, it is best to look for options like this to solve economic problems and project yourself into the future in a positive, calm and carefree way.

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