Best Email Productivity Tips For 2020

Every individual or even a business owner is looking forward to increasing their productivity. More productivity means, accomplishing more things every day. Whenever it comes to productivity or achieving goals, email remains to be the most neglected thing.

Email might not seem to be a very important determining factor in a person’s overall productivity but it is surely one of the most important areas where a person can improve. Here is a list of a few email productivity tips that are seldom acknowledged. However, these tips can surely increase a person’s email productivity by a huge margin.

CC Addition: A Blessing And A Curse

The CC additions are both a curse and a blessing. With the help of the cc line, anyone can add as many people as they want to a thread or an email with just a click of a button. There are many people out there, who throw off an entire team in the cc line, just for the sake of including them. However, it is really important to remember that all new inclusions are a potential time waste. Try to make use of CC only when absolutely necessary.

Remember Empty Inbox Is A Sign Of Vigilance

Empty inboxes might seem to be an elusive concept, but it can be easily achieved with the right approach. In case your dream is to achieve an inbox with zero messages, it might not seem possible but you can try out fully organizing your email or get caught up at the end of the day.

In most cases, organized emailers try to put an extra effort to make all these things happen. For example, if you want to have a clean Gmail inbox, you will need to organize your messages with labels and folders, archive emails you may need in the future, block unwanted senders, etc.

Short Emails Are The Most Effective Ones

Many individuals try to prove their clarity of words by writing more. They tend to write more paragraphs and more sentences in order to elucidate their thoughts and ideas. However, this might be effective in some instances while it might add unnecessary complexions in others. Shorter emails are concise, therefore taking less time to read resulting in fewer misunderstandings.

Try Out Mail Filtering

Gmail allows the user to create many filters that can help in organizing all the emails as soon as they arrive. Well, this is an easy task and can be performed by everyone. All that the user needs to do is to create different criteria for their mails, such as some specific phrases in the body of the message or in the subject line.

Once this step is followed, the user can set all emails matching these criteria so that the new emails get automatically filtered once they hit the user inbox. Mail filtering and marking is indeed a great way to increase organizational productivity while simplifying the user’s life.

There isn’t any secret to it that a well-organized email inbox is the most effective one. By far these are the tips that are least stressful to deal with. However, there are quite some instances when an individual feels somewhat forced or trapped in a way while trying to effectively organize their emails.

Instead of managing your messages manually, you can spend time on self-learning, hobbies, improving your language learning skills, or any other useful thing. The best way one can organize their messages is by using labels, folders, or tags to become more productive during the day and spend less time on email management.

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