Best 2022 Essay Writing Apps

Let us make it straight right from the start: no essay writing app will write an assignment for you right from the start! The trick with these solutions is helping you fix the grammar or letting you come up with amazing creative ideas as you enter subject lines or thesis ideas. Since these are mostly automatic and are based on artificial intelligence, results may vary, yet most essay writing apps have progressed quite a lot and will be essential for those times when you need some inspiration. Take your time to experiment and see how these apps work as you read online testimonials and descriptions. Once you do so, it will always pay off in the end!

Best 2022 Essay Writing Apps

– ProWriting Aid

It is one of the most powerful apps to check your style and receive a free report. What makes it unique is that it always goes beyond basic grammar checks that most people have in MS Word or Google Docs. If you want to have a professional editor that won’t ask you to pay, this app is one of the best solutions to check!

– Hemingway App

This essay writing app is meant for journalists, creative writing tasks, and those cases when you need to add more readability to your text. It is web-based and does not cost a dime. The best thing is that you can edit your writing right away. It is also a popular app for teachers and educators because it helps to make instructions easier and also checks more than just grammar. Do not forget that it might take time to understand how Hemingway App works as it has an internal grading system that will help you!

– Grammarly

Our list of essay writing apps would be incomplete if we would ignore the pioneers of grammar and structure checking. This famous app has both free and commercial versions. Unfortunately, the majority of students will only use the app’s free side, which will help with the basics. The paid aspect is more focused on essay composition and the choice of words, which is more interesting for those who like creative writing or business proposals.

– FreeMind

If you like the concept of mind-mapping that is also free of charge, you should check this great app that implements diagrams that help you with writing and structure issues. The most common problem in the creation of an essay is related to structure and lack of formatting. If you want to create something like a coursework assignment or methodology for your dissertation, it is one of the best essay writing apps that you have to explore. It is comfortable and logical even for those new to the non-linear concept!

– Focus Writer

When you need to use a powerful Word processor free of charge, Focus Writer is a great app that will help you come up with an excellent essay without having to buy some software. It has spell-checking, grammar tips, information about the occurrence of words as you write, and more. Of course, it will not provide you with essay templates, yet when you have all the tools, you might feel easier. As for the good examples, check essay writing samples for inspiration. Just choose your topic and pay attention to formatting and thesis parts!

Your Initial Text Matters

The tricky part with essay writing apps is that it will always depend on what you enter as your initial content. If there is something overly complex, you might not get excellent results. If you want to get your grammar checked, it might be a bit easier, just the same as dealing with wordiness or style. However, if you want to get creative, pay attention to your text and break down lengthy sentences. For example, apps like Freemind will offer diagrams based on your text, yet it will also depend on what you input! Have clear ideas in mind and focus on variations!


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