Benefits Of Fiber Internet Connections for Your Business

Internet installation has many benefits for your business. Regrettably, the cable connections cannot match the increasing internet demands. Until lately, most businesses have had to persevere with the inconveniences caused by cable connections. In fact, most businesses in Singapore are yet to tap into fiber internet. While it is a relatively new technology, businesses are finding higher returns on investment in fiber broadband connections from services. Here is a look at the benefits of fiber internet for your business.

Benefits Of Fiber Internet Connections for Your Business

Enhanced Speed

Fiber internet is several times faster than the highest cable internet connections with available speeds of up to 100 Gbps. When your business requires high internet access, your business should not experience an internet slow down. According to research, slow internet connections cost about one week of employees’ productivity per year. While the time you wait on slow connections might seem minor, it adds up with time.


Cable internet connectivity provides different speeds for downloading and uploading files. The speed of a cable network depends on the number of users and might cause inconveniences, especially in a business setting. You may end up keeping your business partners and clients waiting for services or products due to inconvenient internet, causing cancellations, delays, and upset customers.

Fortunately, fiber optic comes with no overload issues and can download and upload at the same speeds. This makes it easier for you to share files and perform virtual meetings conveniently without any delays.


With many cases of cyber-attacks and breaches in security, businesses are looking for better ways of securing their data and network. The approximate cost of an information security breach is $3.5 million. While upgrading to a fiber-optic connection will not eliminate all your organization’s risks, it is a great means of increased security.

You can only penetrate the fiber internet by physically cutting the fibers, which will make the signal disappear. This will make it a powerful way of increasing your business’s protection against cybercrime.

Benefits Of Fiber Internet Connections for Your Business

Connect multiple devices

With the growing need for faster and reliable internet transmission, fiber network services provide more bandwidth. This ensures that multiple gadgets can conveniently access internet connectivity.

This will allow your business to liaise with other teams and work on related projects easily, regardless of your physical connections. You can converge the different business departments using fiber connectivity on all the gadgets.


Fast and reliable internet is an efficient productivity tool for business. As previously mentioned, a speed problem could result in reduced productivity and might see your business losing a significant amount of cash every year. With fiber, you will no longer experience the productivity problems associated with unreliable and slow cable network connections. Instead, your business will have more scalability and flexibility, particularly for your IT team. This will offer huge potential for cost savings and return on investment.


There has been an increased demand for fiber network services for residential and commercial consumers in Singapore. This is significantly dependent on the customer’s awareness of the benefits of fiber technology and the increased need for businesses’ online activities. Adapting fiber connections for your business will provide faster, reliable, and more secure internet connections to meet your ever-growing online business activities.

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