Become the king of casino bonuses – how to meet the wagering requirements

Casino bonuses can bring you big cash sums and free spins. You can use the cash to play a number of different games at your favourite casino sites. And the free spins are often eligible on some of the top titles around at the moment.

But the majority of casino deals these days come with a certain amount of small print. The terms and conditions will stipulate exactly how you can use bonus cash and spins. Moreover, it will give you a good indication as to how profitable it is in the long run.

Wagering requirements

The main caveat in place is that you must gamble with bonus funds or winnings from bonus spins a number of times before you can cash out. In your casino account, you will have two different balances. One is a real cash balance while the other is a bonus balance.

When you make a deposit, this cash goes into your real cash balance. However, bonus money enters your bonus balance.

And if your promo has wagering attached to it, then the money in the bonus balance must be gambled a number of times to meet that requirement.

Effective wagering

Playing through your bonus cash a number of times can be time-consuming. This is especially true if you have a large bonus amount. But there are certain things you can do to shorten the process and to have the best chance of seeing some winnings at the end of it.

Choose games wisely

Certain games will count 100% towards the wagering requirements. These are often video slot games. However, not all games will have such a large contribution. Table games, for example, may not have any percentage towards your wagering.

And even if they do, you need to make sure that certain bets aren’t restricted. Near 50/50 bets such as odd/even in roulette are often not allowed. So always check these details carefully to make sure you aren’t wagering for longer than you need to.

Check max stake limits

While completing your wagering, there will be a limit to the amount that you can bet. Sometimes this is quite low. But other times you can make a reasonable-sized wager. It could be £5 per spin, for example.

The higher the wager, the less time it takes to complete the wagering requirements. So there is no point in playing with 1p per spin and only realising tiny wins along the way. You may as well go for broke. After all, it isn’t your cash you’re playing with. So there isn’t any need to be too cautious.

Choose no wagering casinos

Finally, the most sensible way to reduce your wagering problems is to simply eliminate them. There are a number of no wagering casino bonuses available on the market. And they present a fantastic way to enjoy casino bonuses without too many restrictions.

A no wagering casino will not have a huge bonus available though. And this is simply because they are increasing their risk by adding no wagering requirements from their customers.

You may find that you get 50 free spins on some no wagering slots or perhaps some bonus cash. Just don’t expect it to be a huge amount. It is more of a token gesture rather than a big money-making opportunity.

If you’d like to learn more about no wagering offers, head over to They have a fantastic selection of the very latest free spins no wagering and other deals. And the best thing is that you don’t have to stick to just one deal. You can create an account at as many of these no wagering casino sites as you wish.

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