Baccarat with live dealer: features, types, rules, advantages

Baccarat is a famous card game, presented in many online casinos. Making the process of playing even more exciting will help the mode with live dealers, the features of which will be discussed below.

What you need to know about the rules 

This game is considered to be one of the simplest. Gamblers have to play against the gambling club, which is represented by the dealers. The gameplay takes place on a table with special markings, where one or more card decks can be laid out on 52.

The classic variety of baccarat provides three types of bets:

  • “Player” – the victory of the player;
  • “Banker” – the dealer’s victory;
  • “Tie” – draw.

Other modifications of baccarat and live dealer casino games may provide additional types of bets. Betas are made based on the pre-selection of one of the three outcomes listed above. Such bets may be special, side bets or side bets.

Examples of additional bets:

  • A pair of cards of the same value in the player/dealer’s possession;
  • A perfect pair of cards, implying a match not only in value but also in a suit;
  • Small hand – when 4 points are dealt;
  • Big Hand – at 5/6 points.

The dealer deals two cards to himself and the players, after which the points are calculated for all participants of the game. If the sum of scored points is equal to 10 or more, a dozen points are subtracted from this value. 

The task of the participants is to score as close to 9 points as possible. Each card gives a different value of points:

  • Ten – 0 points;
  • Ace – 1 point;
  • Numbers from 2 to 9 – at face value.

It is worth noting that there is a special combination that experts call “natural”. It provides for a score of cards from the eighth and nine, after which the distribution is stopped and the scoring begins.

Types of baccarat in virtual casinos

There are several types of baccarat:

  • Classic, the principle of which is described above;
  • Punto Banco (mini-baccarat), where 6 or 8 decks are used and when a draw occurs, the player’s bet is multiplied 8 times;
  • Macau, where each participant is dealt only one card;
  • Victoria, where participants are dealt only two cards each;
  • Baccarat Banque, where 6 cards are dealt and the dealer’s position remains constant.

The game of baccarat with a live dealer is slightly different from the usual casino game. It is presented in a live show format, which is administered by a special studio. Often this is done by manufacturers of software for slots. 

The gameplay is presented in a broadcast format, where the real host (dealer) in real-time sits in the studio at the table and distributes cards. The rest of the participants connect to the game via a browser or a branded casino app.

Popular examples of baccarat with live dealers:

  • Lightning Baccarat by Evolution Gaming. Live chat and multipliers are provided, 8 decks are used, and the RTP is 98.76%. The minimum bet amount is $1 and the maximum is $500.
  • Live Baccarat from NetEnt. Live chat is available, multipliers are absent, 8 packs of cards are used, and RTP reaches 98.94%. The minimum bet is $1, and the maximum bet is $5,000.
  • Live Baccarat from Pragmatic Play. Live chat is provided, 8 decks are used, multipliers are absent, and RTP is 98.94%. The minimum bet is $0.40, and the maximum bet is $10,000.

The advantages of baccarat with real croupiers include:

  • Great atmosphere and involvement of the participants;
  • Pleasant staff, namely young guys and girls in the form of croupiers;
  • The possibility of live communication with both players and dealers;
  • Personal control over the fairness of the game process.

Playing baccarat with a live dealer is a great way of pastime for fans of gambling, which will allow you to fully plunge into the atmosphere of a real casino.

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