Automation Testing is important, but can’t replace Manual Testing Tools – Why?

What is manual testing?

The main goal of manual testing is to guarantee that the program is error-free and that it meets the defined functional requirements. Essentially, rigorous testing ensures that the system is of high quality and that the consumer receives a bug-free product.

Manual testing tools also ensure that reported faults are corrected by developers and that testers retest the defects that have been fixed.

What is automated testing?

The use of tools to perform test cases is known as automation testing. Time, money, and personnel are all saved by automating testing. It’s much easier to run an automated test suite once you’ve captured everything.

We can all agree that software testing is now an essential part of every project’s success. Software testing is a large field with an ever-changing mix of manual and automated methods.

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To achieve the best results, it is critical to understand the differences and how to use each. Manual testing means running test cases without the assistance of any additional tools. Automated testing, on the other hand, entails the creation of scripts as well as the application of tools and software.

Automation Testing Is  Important, But Can’T Replace Manual Testing Tools – Why?

  1. Recently, test automation has gained a lot of attention. In today’s world, many developers and testers choose to rely on test automation to make their jobs easier. Test automation, on the other hand, cannot completely replace manual testing.
  1. Test automation is an excellent option for someone who does not have a technological background. The possibility to save time is one of the key reasons that automated testing has enticed software professionals. The automated method can perform some chores for you, allowing you to relax. However, test automation will not be able to accomplish all of the work that a tester would undertake manually.
  2. When the tester has a thorough understanding of the programme, he or she can begin looking for flaws in all potential areas. This is a highly cognitive procedure that involves both intuition and unique human thinking abilities. As a result, it cannot be automated in any situation.
  3. There are numerous other scenarios in which test automation cannot replace manual testing. It is the role of a good tester to identify areas that cannot be automated and to check for problems. As a result, software testers are able to test in accordance with human concepts. This is not something that can be done by a computer or test automation.
  4. Manual testing can adapt to software features that are unique. Manual testing allows for the examination of interface elements and the selection of the best solutions. In the concluding layout, a QA tester analyses whether design components in the interface elements adhere to one other.
  5. Human resource optimization can be aided by automation. In addition, the human factor is still in charge of tooling, workflow modeling, and environment setup. While AI can help with repeated testing, it is the QA engineer that keeps track of the progress, examines the test plan, and manages the QA strategy and objectives.


There is no one-size-fits-all strategy to testing; each project necessitates its own approach. It is feasible to detect all probable software errors at an early stage using a combination of manual and automated testing. Consider your project’s budget, deadline, and team’s skill set before using a combined QA strategy. If you’re looking for a QA team to test your product, go with one that offers a hybrid approach. You will reap the benefits of both strategies in this manner.

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