Audials One 2020 Review — Everything That You Must Know

As the new decade is officially here, you must have heard of a lot of new software launches and updates. This can mean different things to different people based on their interests. If you are someone who loves listening to music and watching movies or series, Audials One is the best thing for you. In this age of technology, it is but obvious that we would want everything to take place at superfast speed and Audials One 2020 does just that.

Audials One 2020 Review

It is a software that has been around for 20 years now and it lets you record your favorite music from streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and the like. Apart from these, you can include music portals like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and SoundCloud in the list as well. If that is not enough to satiate you, there are 100,000 online radio stations too. Audials One lets you record music to your heart’s content.

You can even record your favorite movies and series if you combine Audials One with video streaming services you have subscribed to. On the whole, it is a whole package of entertainment anybody would love to get their hands on. Let us see in this post how the latest edition of the software fares!

How Audials One 2020 is better?

The updated version of Audials is definitely better than the previous versions as it provides enhanced user experience and glides like a dream when you talk about its interface. You can actually see several improvements in the Audials One 2020 version when you compare it with the previous one. Let’s have a look at them.

Audials One 2020 - Music and Radio

Audials One 2020 – Music and Radio

You will be able to spot some of the best enhancements in the music section of the software.

  • Moving playlists from one platform to another is easy – With Audials One 2020, you can export an audio track as a playlist to YouTube and Spotify. The corresponding versions of the songs in the playlist will be found by the two platforms.
  • It is easier to use the audio editor – Now you can easily edit any song as the user interface is a piece of cake.
  • There is no loss in sound quality – The latest features of Audials allow you to record music without any loss in sound quality.
  • It is easy to listen to songs from various websites – Simply copy the URL of a website that has music tracks/playlists and paste it to Audials. The songs will get listed in Audials and you can happily start listening to all of them.
  • Drag and drop songs – The latest version of the software lets you add albums and playlists to Spotify by the simple action of dragging and dropping. The best part is that all this is possible at very high speed (15x). You can then choose to download or save music tracks as per your wish. Doesn’t it sound immensely convenient?
Audials One 2020 – Video and TV

Audials One 2020 – Video and TV

Online video streaming is trending right now and most people are literally hooked to watching movies and web series on famous service providers such as Netflix. If you want to record videos from streaming channels, you can do so by with the help of Audials One 2020. The latest version boasts of some amazing features and they are the following:

  • You can record videos in the best quality formats – Audials One 2020 has totally revamped video recording capabilities. It makes use of the most up-to-date encoding technology so that you get a top-quality visual experience. The graphic card of your laptop or desktop is used for the encoding of videos.
  • Get videos recorded in high resolution – Do you want to watch and record Full HD Netflix videos?  So far, Audials One 2020 is the only available software that allows Netflix videos to be watched and recorded in 1080P resolution. Definitely a boon for series addicts and movie buffs!
  • You can record subtitles too – Users of the software have always requested an option to record subtitles along with videos and their wish has been granted by the Audials team. The latest version lets you grasp the dialogue in the video without having to pause or replay it. Works well for those who wish to watch series and movies in languages they don’t know.
Go mobile with Audials One 2020

Go mobile with Audials One 2020

Audials One 2020 has definitely read your mind and that is why the latest version lets you search for music, listen to it, download it and transfer it to your Android phone or iOS easily.

The wish-list function has made its way to Android phones and you can now have the same wish list at two different places, your desktop/laptop, and your smartphone. Isn’t that quite an amazing feature? Next up is the intelligent wireless music transfer that enables the automatic transfer of your media files from your computer to your Android device.

Just make sure that the PC runs side by side while this transfer takes place. There is something for iPhone users as well. You can record any number of music tracks from online radio stations using the radio app. This sounds like a treat for music lovers who can never get enough of listening to melodies.

The bottom line

The latest Audials One 2020 software with a modern design is way better than the previous versions. A lot of improvement can be seen in the user interface and the capabilities of the software. Now you can drag and drop playlists, carry on with HD streaming of videos and make the most of everything that is being offered to you at a superfast speed.

With the unlimited radio recording feature offered, it is for sure that you won’t have a dull moment ever! Audials will also give you a world-class visual experience and make the act of recording movies and web series joyous. Sounds interesting?

It obviously would to music enthusiasts and cinephiles. It is worth a try and you can let us know how you feel about it after using it. The comment section is all yours!

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