Are Online Slot Games a Better Alternative to Land-based Ones?

For many years now, slot games have taken a jump from the real-life casinos to the virtual world. But does this make them any better than the land-based Slots? Thanks to impressive graphics, control on your stake, huge jackpots and pay-outs, and a vast variety of games available, there are so many ways to have fun on slot games – especially online! The first difference between online Slots compared to traditional ones is the speed.

If you’re wanting to know how to play real money casino slots machines, you’re in the right place. Long gone are the times waiting for the slot machine to whir into action after pulling the lever and waiting in anticipation for the symbols to spin into place. With online slot games, the atmosphere comes alive, with seamless functions of the slot at a decent speed, as well as sometimes noises and effects relating to the type of slot game you’re playing! 

There are so many themes now available for online casino games, that you can play Slots based on your favourite film or hobby, as well as much more. Although you may wish to reminisce with the classic cherries, lemons and bells, and play some vintage versions of Slots, with online slot games you can choose even more with symbols, videos and graphics taking inspiration from films, TV, sport, mythology and anything else you can think of, to make the Slots even more fun to play.

An online casino can quickly have the latest games released ready and waiting for you much quicker compared to a land-based one, meaning you can appease your boredom by playing something new and exciting each time. Likewise, you can go back to your old favourites without having to wait around for the slot to become available – plus you can even play in your pjs from the comfort of your own home, on a mobile or desktop. Convenient and comfortable!

There are also some handy features when it comes to online Slots, that can increase the fun more so than their traditional counterparts. In the online casino slot games, you can expect to find winning combinations and multipliers when you spin, or sometimes special bonus rounds or free spins, that take on an exciting journey beyond just the basic slot. All of which are adding to the fun and to your chances of winning!

Another good feature is the fact that each slot game will come with a Return To Player (RTP) percentage, which is a simple way of explaining how a game works and theoretically the likelihood of the payback to players at various times. With this option, you can pick and choose the slot game depending on your strategy and whether you’re a high or low roller.

Even if you aren’t playing with money and want to spin those symbols just for fun, the joy of online slot games means there are lots of free options, or demo versions of the main casino games, meaning you don’t have to spend any of your own cash to enjoy the fun of the Slots.

However, if you are looking for the win, online slot games give you the chance of huge jackpot prizes compare to land-based ones. The top online jackpot spinners have a progressive pay-out structure, meaning bets from players around the globe pay into the jackpot prize, which therefore continues to increase.

Some jackpot Slots with this communal prize pool have pay-outs well in excess of £1,000,000!  So with the amount of online slot games around, the variety of styles, the smooth gameplay, and huge jackpots, it means that whether you are complete beginner or a seasoned player, you can always find the online slot for you!

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