An Interesting World of Coffee

Coffee might be your favourite morning drink. Maybe you consider yourself a coffee addict, just like people who are addicted to casino bonus. When you drink coffee in moderation, it can do you good. Scientists claim that a cup of coffee daily provides an energy boost and more. For instance, they have found that coffee can protect you against liver ailments, reduce your heart failure risk, and keep you safe from Type 2 diabetes. Besides its sweetness and therapeutic value, coffee has a unique past. Indeed, the world of coffee can interest many because of the following facts. 

In some world regions, people view coffee as a culture

In certain countries, people’s love for coffee is so profound that it is part of their culture and traditions. For instance, we can associate Italy with the discovery of the espresso machine. This implies that Italians valued coffee so much that they had to invent the machine for brewing it. Other western nations in Europe have had a coffee culture for a long time. The Greeks are known for their “kafenio” shop. It is a coffee shop for senior men. They go there to drink coffee while playing the “tavli” board game or chatting.

The European and North American-based mammoth chain stores like Starbucks are famous for offering unique coffee products. Even in Brazil and African countries where there is Arabica coffee, drinking coffee is a culture people have grown to love. 

Coffee is the second biggest traded product in the world

Although there is tea, millions of people around the world love coffee more. Worldwide, people spend a sum of one hundred billion dollars, according to statistics. If there was no crude oil, coffee would grab the first position as the largest traded commodity on earth. 

The discoverer of coffee was a goat herdsman

The first discoverer of coffee was an Ethiopian goat shepherd back in the 1500s. According to history, the man found his goats munching on coffee cherries. Each time they ate those cherries, the man observed that they got more energetic and could not sleep. So the herder spoke to the monks who made their beverage from the coffee beans. After drinking, the monks could not fall asleep and could spend more time praying. Soon they had spread the word to other monks in Ethiopia, who then told the news to the world. In around 1511, Mecca prohibited coffee for reasons that it aroused idleness and radical thinking patterns. 

Brazil once sold tons of coffee to send its athletes to the Olympics

In 1932, Brazil could not send its athletes to Los Angeles, USA, for the Olympics. So it placed them in a ship that was carrying tons of coffee. After selling the coffee en route, the government got money to pay for the trip. 

Beethoven is remembered for loving coffee a lot

He could count sixty beans per coffee cup before brewing it. It became his ritual to count those sixty beans every time he wanted to make a cup of coffee. 

The most precious coffee on earth comes from cat faeces

Did you know that the costliest coffee on earth, Kopi Luwak, comes from Indonesia? It costs around 350 euros or more per kilogram. It comes from the Asian Palm Civet faeces after it has consumed and digested coffee beans.  

Final words

There are other interesting facts about coffee, including that every American spends an average of $20 per week on coffee. This amounts to $1,092 per year, which people compare to buying a new iPhone device. The best-selling coffee in the world is Fairtrade-certified coffee, yet it is not cheap and has won many awards. Now you know that there are plenty of interesting things we can say about coffee other than drinking it for fun or health benefits.

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