Learn to Add a Search Bar to the WordPress Site

A search bar is an important feature of any website. The search bar makes it easier for people to find out what they look for in a site. It helps them get their necessary information or links within seconds. If you have currently started a new WordPress account, and you aren’t well aware of the steps for adding a search bar to your WordPress site, follow the steps mentioned below. 

Usually, in most WordPress themes, a search bar is added by default. However, if a theme doesn’t provide the search panel by default you can create your customised search bar to your site. WordPress is popular among writers and content creators for its customisable features which makes it a lot more friendly than other sites. One can add a Search bar by following different procedures. 

As we already told, a search option is already there is WordPress as a widget. Also, there are innumerable plugins that might help you add a Search option to the site. You can create a personalised one on your own.

Know how to add search to WordPress in 5 minutes from the different procedures mentioned below. 

From the Widget Panel

The fastest and easiest way to add a search panel to the site is from the widget. For this, you have to open WordPress widgets. Follow the following steps to find the WordPress widget: 

  1. Click on your Admin Dashboard.
  2. Go to appearance. Then click on widgets. 
  3. Here you can find an option titled search. 
  4. Click on it and then click on add widget menu. Alternatively, you can drag the search bar to the home page of your site. 
  5. Now, visit the site’s homepage and the search bar will be there. 

With The Help of WordPress search Plugins

This is the second automated method. To use WordPress search plugins for adding a search panel, you can take help from Expertrec. 

  1. Visit plugins. Then click on add new. 
  2. Search for a relatable plugin to get the search bar. For instance, add search. You will see a list appearing on the screen. Click on the search bar. 
  3. Install the plugin and activate it. 
  4. Go to settings. Now click on add Search. Now configure the plugin. 

Manually Add A Search Box 

This is the last process you can follow. This process calls for a bit of technical skill. This process also lets you customise and personalise the search bar completely. 

  1. Open the header.php or sidebar.php file.
  2. Now add this function <?php get_search_form(); ?> in your code. It will bring up the search form from searchform.php template. If there’s no such form or template, it would create one immediately. 
  3. Now, go back to your site’s homepage. There you will see the search bar either added in the side menu or the upper panel.

If you need some customisation, open the style.css file and modify the style or format of the bar as per your choice.

Above mentioned are three procedures following which you can successfully add a search bar to your WordPress portal. Also, you can add it to any part of the site. Thus, WordPress gives you complete authority to modify and create your site as per your requirements.  

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