Abbotsford: Choosing a Reliable Digital Marketing Agency

With the technological advancement the world is experiencing, it is not surprising that most of our processes are now done digitally. One industry that experienced a massive shift due to this is the marketing industry. These days, most businesses whether big, medium, or small employ digital or online marketing in one way or the other.

For some companies, digital marketing is the only marketing technique they employ. The reason this is possible is that this marketing option is very versatile and can help a business achieve all its marketing goals. From building a great connection with its target audience, increasing brand visibility, outranking competitors, building customers’ trust, and so on.

Digital marketing does this by employing different tactics. This includes content creation, email marketing, PPC advertising, social media advertising, paid media, search engine optimization, content marketing, and so on. You can watch this video to learn about content marketing. No one can dispute the relevance of online marketing in today’s world, and this is why you need it for your business.

Getting a reliable and experienced agency for the job is the first thing you have to do. But with the numerous agencies offering this service, getting the best one may prove difficult. This is why we have written this article as your guide to help you choose the best digital marketing agency out there.

Evaluate Your Goals

One very important thing to consider in your search for a reliable agency is your goals. For some businesses, they simply want to increase the traffic on their website. Others want to generate more sales and leads, grow a bigger customer base, or build brand awareness. So, ask yourself what you are hoping to achieve by hiring this service.

When you understand the goals, you are trying to achieve, you’ll have an easier time finding a company that will help you achieve them. Knowing your goals will also help you define your objectives as well as your key performance indicators. This would give the company you hire a clear understanding of your vision and help them develop the best strategies to achieve it.

Know Your Options

Now you know your goals, it’s time to find a company that can help you achieve them. While there are many agencies out there, these agencies tend to offer different services. Some even have areas they specialize in. Therefore, it is best to know the various options; the following are the different types of agencies in this industry.

Promotional Agencies

These focus on promoting businesses and offer limited services. Some of the services they offer include email marketing, SEO, and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). You can visit to learn about PPC. These agencies are known to help convert leads, drive traffic, and build brands all in a bid to drive growth.

Digital Agencies

These agencies are often full-service companies that can help you create website content, social media platforms, and various online marketing strategies. They may also offer web design to help optimize their clients’ websites. By optimizing the website, these businesses can rank high on SERPs helping the business gain more visibility online.

Advertising Agencies

These focus on advertising their clients’ business. They use different platforms including YouTube and Facebook. They often oversee their client’s advertising strategy; they may suggest growth strategies as well.

Social Media Agencies

As you can guess by the name, these handle their clients’ social media strategy and presence. They’ll monitor your social media activities and create content for all your platforms. This includes responding to comments, scheduling services, engaging potential customers, and so on.

Digital Marketing

Consider These Factors

Before you decide on an agency, you need to consider certain factors to ensure you make the best choice. This includes their track record, reputation, customer service, and so on. Below, we will discuss these factors to help you in your vetting and decision-making process.

Track Record

You need to be sure that the company you are considering can help you meet your goal. Therefore, one of the first things to look out for when vetting a digital marketing agency is its track record. You can do this by checking their portfolio to see their previous work. All you have to do is visit their website and check the case studies section.

Evaluate the approach used for each project. Compare the projects to yours and see if they were able to help the company in question reach its goals. If you do not find previous projects that are similar to yours, then chances are the company does not work for businesses in your industry. In this case, you may need to confirm with the company to be sure they can provide a good service for a business in your industry.


Another important thing to consider is cost. Before going into this partnership, you need to be sure you’ll be getting your money’s worth. Consider the services they’ll render and see if it is worth the price they are offering. Also, compare costs from multiple agencies to find out if you are being offered a fair price.

Services Being Offered

As we have mentioned earlier, services often differ between agencies. So, before you decide on an agency, you need to ensure they offer a package that will fit your needs. If what is being offered doesn’t match your needs, then it’ll be better if you take your business elsewhere.

Success Metrics

While you will have your KPIs, the agency should also categorically tell you how they measure success. You can check here to find out more about KPIs. If an agency does not want to provide its success metrics, take it as a warning sign. Chances are, they won’t be accountable throughout the process.


Also, take your time to figure out the reputation of the agency you are considering. Do this by finding out what their past clients have to say about them. Check the agency on 3rd party review sites to see their ratings and customer reviews. If the company has a lot of negative reviews, then it’ll be better not to partner with them.


Hiring a digital marketing company can help your business in many ways. However, to get all the benefits of hiring this service, you need to hire a reputable agency with enough expertise to produce the best results. This is why we have written this article to help you properly vet and choose the best digital marketing agency.

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