A TechShali Guide to Online Betting Application Featuring Jimmy Daytona

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When do you think the first smartphone was invented? Sometime in the mid to late 2000s? Well, no. Technology giant IBM announced the first smartphone with a touchscreen in 1992, the Simon Personal Communicator! Fast forward to today, the entire world uses nothing but smartphones. 

Anything you can think of right now is available in a smartphone app.

Thousands of options are crawling the app stores for music, games, and all other forms of entertainment.

Online betting is also one of the categories. 

You’d be glad to know that BetZillion betting expert Jimmy Daytona is in TechShali today, and he brought a list of online betting applications for all of you. He will explain the current gambling situation in the UK and how you can find the best betting apps. 

TechShali Asks Jimmy Daytona: Are Betting Apps Legal in the UK?

When we popped the question to Jimmy, he told us that first, we must understand the overall situation of online gambling in the country. 

And he gave us the good news that all forms of online gambling are legal in the country. It has been for quite some time. The Gambling Act was passed in 2005, and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission was formed within a few years. 

Currently, the UKGC regulates all forms of gambling in Great Britain. The components include arcade games, land-based casinos, betting shops, bingo halls, gaming machine providers, software providers, online casinos, sportsbooks, lotteries, and everything. 

The thing is that all the available online services can come in many forms. Some operators may offer their services via websites, while others may do it via apps. Many of them even offer both. If gambling websites are legal and regulated, why shouldn’t gambling apps be?

So, to answer your questions, online betting applications in the UK are completely legal as long as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission licenses the main brand. It’s simply because the license applies to the brand, not the medium it uses to offer the services. 

What Makes a Betting App Worth Your Time?

For the discussion on this topic, Jimmy assumes you’re only concerned about betting apps. So, his answer is going to reflect that. Before bettors can decide which app to use for real money betting, they must ensure the following facts.


Before any other app characteristic, you have to check its license. It’s convenient for you to do it on the betting website first. Most betting apps won’t allow you to explore the features without signing up. It’s a risk you shouldn’t take. 

If you already have a brand in mind, visit the website and scroll down to the footer section. See if there is an account number for a UKGC license. Verify the license. If everything checks out, download the app.


The market shares of Android and iOS trade blows in the UK. It means if online betting operators want to penetrate the whole demographic, they must offer iOS and Android apps. That’s the next thing Jimmy wants TechShali readers to check. 

For example, if you’re an Android user but the betting brand of your choice doesn’t offer an Android app, it’s not a good choice for you. The opposite is true for iOS users. BetZillion always believes in inclusion. So, all the betting applications on the site are compatible with iOS and Android.

Exclusive Bonuses

How would you feel if an online betting site was to offer an exclusive bonus for mobile users only? Believe it or not, many operators do offer it. They’re a bit hard to come by, that’s all. 

But Jimmy suggests not to get too hung up on the exclusive bonus. As long as the mobile app has all rewards from the desktop site carried over, it’s a good app for him.

Same Odds

You’re unlikely to find an online betting brand that only operates via a mobile app. In 99% of the cases, the brand will have a desktop website too. Before you use the app for real money, checking whether the odds are the same is good practice. 

They will be as long as the brand is licensed and properly regulated. But why take the chance if it takes only 2 minutes to check?

Live Betting and Streams

When it comes to live betting, the performance of a betting app may take a tumble. Loading the odds in real-time and the scorecards can tax your smartphone. In Jimmy’s opinion, the apps that can mitigate this issue while offering high-definition live streams are the best. 

As it happens, the betting apps you can find on the BetZillion site are like that. 

How to Download the Apps

This section might seem obvious, but we still request you pay attention. There might be some things you don’t know yet. 

How to Download An Android Betting Application

  1. First, check whether the app is available on Google Play or not. In many cases, Google doesn’t allow gambling apps due to regulatory policies. In that case, you must download the app from the operator’s website. 
  2. Go to your Android device’s settings and enable “install apps from unknown” sources before downloading the app. 
  3. Visit the bookmaker’s website and locate the mobile app download section. 
  4. Let the app download and install on your device. 

How to Download iOS Apps

Unlike Google, Apple has no restrictions on gambling apps. Also, you can’t download iOS apps from 3rd party sources due to device security.

  1. Visit the Apple store and search for the app. Or, visit the sportsbook website and click the iOS app download option. It’ll take you to the correct app on the store.
  2. Let the app download and install. 
  3. If you don’t have an account already, create one. If you do, log in using the credentials.

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