7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Gaming Flow

If you’ve been struggling with your game, there’s a good chance you’re not getting enough flow. Flow is that magical place where the action and storyline perfectly match up that it feels like an incredible dream. 

Here are 7 simple secrets to building the kind of flow that transforms any game into a great experience. 

1) You’ll get more flow by paying attention to these 3 states: Emotion, Attention, and Intensity. But they have to be working together!

Emotion: The more emotion you’ve got going on when you play, the easier it will be to get into a flow.

Attention: The more focused your attention, the easier it will be to stay in the flow!

Intensity: If your intensity is too low, you won’t feel like doing anything, and if your intensity goes up too high, you’ll get overwhelmed by distractions and go into panic mode! Find the middle ground where things are going well for your character.

2) When Emotion is High, keep attention Focused and Intensity Moderate

When some big event happens in the storyline, make sure you have an excellent emotional reaction. Try not to overthink about what’s going on; just stay focused on whatever action is happening next! Also play Poki games online.

3) When Emotion is Low, do the opposite! Pay Attention & Intensity Up; Emotion Down.

If your character seems dull and flat, you need to stop and analyze the situation. Pick one with high-emotion potential, but don’t be too worried if it doesn’t work out.

4) If someone comes at you with a problem or challenge, play along if it seems fun, but if not, say no thanks and keep playing your way.

People can only really interrupt you when they want you to do something for them – they won’t stop bothering you until they know that their plan will involve you in some kind of action. If you’re already in the middle of your action, then they can just go away and bother someone else.

5) In a new area, look for nearby missions – but don’t start right away: Explore first, then do a mission or two.

When you’re starting in an area, always try to find some kind of interesting challenge or puzzle nearby before going off into the distance. This will give you a nice quick intensive experience of flow, which is great to get you into the zone!

6) In a new area, look for nearby hidden stuff – but don’t start right away: Explore first, then do missions or two.

Finding some extra puzzles in an area can add challenge and excitement and point your attention to all the cool hidden parts of the game that most people will never even notice! And even if it doesn’t work out as well as you hoped, you’ll still be able to follow tip #5 with more energy & enthusiasm than before!

7) Take breaks when you need them, and come back with fresh intensity.

Giving yourself little breaks is vital to keeping your interest level high! (And when it’s time to recharge your batteries, it’s much easier if you’re not in the middle of a 2-hour slog through endless hordes!

There are many ways to enjoy gaming, but if you want the best experience possible, it’s essential to have a good environment and set of habits. The 7 secrets shared in this post should help get you started on your way to rocking your game flow!

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