7 Most Commonly Outsourced Tasks By SMEs

Often, small and medium-sized businesses are unable to meet the demand for their services. Other times, the workers and the boss may not have the skillset to efficiently handle certain areas. This leads to the delegation of tasks to outside individuals or companies. There is a good consensus on the types of jobs that tend to be frequently outsourced. These include IT services, accounting, and marketing. Keep reading for a peek inside the outsourcing market.

IT Business Support

As one of the largest outsourcing niches, this business reached over 85 billion dollars in net worth in 2019. Offering managed IT services that include monitoring and support, data backup, and recovery, Dynamic Solutions have secured their spot in the market. Cybersecurity, access to cloud storage and support, and VoIP telephone services, are also provided making all bases fully covered. With their help, they assure that your business downtime will be reduced while your productivity and profitability are increased.


7 Most Commonly Outsourced Tasks By SMEs

Financial literacy on a personal level is difficult. Imagine having this role for an entire business. It can easily become overwhelming if you as the employer or should none of your staff be sufficiently equipped to handle the task. No worries because that is exactly what outsourcing accounting is for. This option is even more so the right way to go if you manage multiple businesses. You would be stretched thin keeping up with balancing all the books, preparing financial reports, and submitting all tax-related documents on time. It makes sense to delegate to a company that can have this as their sole focus.


Getting the face of your company out there to the wider world is a humongous task. Some certain intricacies and nuances need to be respected and attended to. Provide your vision to the experts and let them take the reigns. Their manipulation of social platforms will far exceed anything you can think to do. Having a lot of experience in the business, they can and usually will bring to your attention areas that can be accessed for even greater results. Promoting your services 24/7, distributing your goods nationwide, and coming up with ingenious marketing campaigns take time and effort. No one looking after other tasks will be able to give this job the proper attention.

Customer Service

A lot of the major communication companies of the United States and other first-world countries resort to outsourcing their customer service. How many times have you called up your tv or internet provider to be connected to someone with an accent different from yours, prompting you to ask them where they’re located. You may get the response of India, China, even the Caribbean. Some people may take gripes with this trend, but it is showing no signs of slowing down. Getting the work done at a fraction of the price it would cost to do locally is very appealing to corporations.

Web Designing

This job takes a very special creative skill. The building of a site, coding, and creating of custom templates cannot be done by just anyone. You can compare the cost of training some staff members in this art with simply hiring a company that is already well versed. Not only would you be taking staffing away from other areas they could efficiently manage, but there is also no guarantee they will successfully grasp the material. Consider that it takes years to finetune this ability, your best bet is outsourcing if you want quality results.

Data Entry

7 Most Commonly Outsourced Tasks By SMEs

It has been described by the average person as a boring and tedious job. Who would refute this? Day after day, staring at a screen, inputting data into spreadsheets. Hours and hours spent combing through documents cataloging and indexing. It takes a special person to accomplish this task constantly and effectively. The only reason a company would not outsource this task is if the information needed to be processed is top-secret or has some level of confidentiality as would be seen within the medical field.


This takes years upon years to complete. The steps required to conduct a thorough and ethically sound research project are numerous. Should you be seeking to unearth certain trends in the business or to expand your enterprise in the right way, you need sound research information. You as a boss may not be able to find a qualified person or business in your area or state to meet your needs. Good researchers are not easy to come by, therefore you take it as you find it no matter if that person is on the other side of the world.

Outsourcing should not be frowned upon. Yes, you may contest that jobs should be provided locally or kept within the business itself. But what happens when that is out of the budget or entirely impossible? Open your mind to outsourcing. This may be the key you need to unlock greater possibilities for your company.

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