6 Amazing Tips To Help You Manage Your Emails

Managing your inbox requires special attention since it involves many things like crafting the right responses and writing follow-ups. Therefore, you must have an organized and efficient inbox, especially if you receive hundreds of emails a day and also if you have a list of emails from Here are six amazing tips to help you efficiently manage your emails. 

6 Amazing Tips To Help You Manage Your Emails

1. Clear Junk Emails

You must filter out messages in your inbox to keep it easy to manage and sift through. You must permanently delete all unsolicited junk emails that do not add any value to your business. You should also use the unsubscribe option for spam emails that end up filling your inbox. You should avoid opening links or attachments from sources you do not trust. Hackers usually ask unsuspecting people to provide personal details which, of course, you should never do. Additionally, check messages that require urgent responses and take appropriate action. You can receive more than 100 emails requiring a response, so you should utilize a strategy that helps you to stay on top of the situation. However, you should not respond to everything you receive.

2. Create Folders

Managing several emails can be tricky, especially when you receive hundreds of messages every day. It is essential to create folders to help you navigate your mailbox easily. You need to use appropriate outlook hacks to create folders. You can manually sort out your messages so that you know the ones which are crucial and require responses. Automatic filters can play a big role in routing messages to the right folder. For instance, you can create social media and marketing folders. All promotional messages will go straight into the marketing file while notifications from different social media platforms will go to the preferred folder. When messages are sorted according to the category, you can select all unwanted messages and delete them with just a single click.

3. Use Calendar to Track Emails

A calendar is a good tool you can use to track all the emails that require follow-up. Some messages require more than simple replies, so you need to do some research first. You can use Microsoft outlook to create events that you can follow up on at a later stage. You do this by moving emails to a designated folder and putting a reminder on your calendar which includes the date you should respond to the email by. A calendar is vital since no human brain can remember more than a specific number of appointments; why put yourself through that anyways? You need a well-synchronized calendar to remind you of all your appointments and meetings. With this option, you can even reply to an email several months after receiving it.     

4. Schedule Time Blocks

You must schedule a specific time to check your email so as to avoid negatively affecting your productivity. Checking your messages after a few minutes can affect your work so you must have a schedule to read your messages. If your business requires constant communication, you can check your mailbox every hour. You can set alerts on your calendar so that you do not miss important details. However, when you go to bed, you must switch off the notifications since they may disturb your rest. The temptation to reach your device may be overpowering if the notifications are on. Make sure your phone does not disturb you when you want to sleep. 

5. Use Templates

If you process similar emails repeatedly, you can use templates to make the task easier. Keep drafts you can easily use instead of creating a new message from scratch. For instance, templates are useful when you send promotional emails to different customers. All you need to do is to change the name of the recipient of the information and input your email templates. If you have a draft template, it would be much easier and more efficient to edit or send similar messages. You can also add more details to the email if you wish. The main benefit of using templates is that they save you time and you can also personalize the emails to build customer loyalty.

6. Choose Suitable Send Options

You can choose delayed send options if you want the message to be delivered at a later date. This facility also helps you track your emails so as to meet the needs of customers. It also allows you to set the time and date of when you want the email to be delivered. Use this service when you want your email to be delivered even if you are not on your desk. With the delayed sending option, you can enjoy peace of mind since you will not miss important events in your business.

6 Amazing Tips To Help You Manage Your Emails

Managing your emails is critical for your business since it helps you to stay in touch with your clients. With these tips in mind, you can keep your inbox manageable. You must regularly check your mailbox and delete all junk emails. Make it a point to respond to important messages only to save time.

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