5 Unique Designer Ceiling Fans to Redo Your Interiors

Even though it is the most common electrical appliance found in every home, one of the most energy-efficient ways to keep your space cool is a ceiling fan. Fortunately, things have changed for the better.

Ceiling fans in every household are now a staple. Whether in warm or cold weather, they are extremely useful for circulating air. Since the 1880s, the electric version of the fan has been around, and several unique ceiling fans have been built over the years. There are countless ceiling fans available online and in stores to suit your interior or outdoor décor.

Rustic, antique, modern, or industrial look, there’s a ceiling fan designed for almost every style that comes with excellent ceiling fan price. Many modern ceiling fans are incorporated with light fixtures, rendering them multi-functional and decorative. Renowned brands such as Luminous provide an assortment of ceiling fans at an impressive price. Here are 5 of their best selections:

1. Jaipur Sanganeri Thar Gold 

Jaipur Sanganeri Thar Gold


If you want to add some mid-century colors to your drawing room, this ceiling fan is the perfect pick. The light thar gold blades give a vintage Jaipur look to this fan that perfectly fits your traditional styled home. With an affordable ceiling fan price, this model is inspired by the Sanganeri style of traditional Rajasthani textile. The designer fan provides high air delivery of 230 CMM and a high speed of 380 RPM. It’s a perfect head turner to let your guest enjoy your humble abode.

2. London Big Ben British Beige

London Big Ben British Beige


The beige color and sophisticated design of this ceiling fan is the perfect balance of modernity with tradition. Light up your space with its built-in glow. This 5-speed IR remote-controlled ceiling fan comes with a fully functioning integrated LED light with 5-step Light dimmer amps up your home. This 3-tier chandelier will add an impressive grandeur to your living room with a beautiful light diffuser at a comparative ceiling fan price.

3. New York Hudson Midnight Black

New York Hudson Midnight Black


It is one of the best modern models with an exclusive ceiling fan price that elevates your home’s look. The simple design of the ceiling fan blades is in the reclaimed black paint finish. This ceiling fan’s high-quality ABS motor cover is designed keeping the oysters of the sea in mind. It comes with static covers and offers a seamless view of the fan as it runs. The wider blade offers greater air delivery of 230 CMM and makes it a must-have.

4. LiteAir Kraft Wood

LiteAir Kraft Wood


If you want your living room décor to have a showstopper, this is it. It’s huge and dramatic, with four blades and a 1200 mm sweep size, and a superb Air delivery of 235 CMM. The premium finish of this fan might make you feel that you’ll have to invest a lot, but the ceiling fan price is affordable.

Not only will the integrated LED light brighten up your home, but it will also complement your home decor. This fan’s wood finish brings attention to the blades’ sculptural lines.

5. Enchante Antique Copper 

Enchante Antique Copper


This fan, built for all ceilings, will shine in a pastel-clad apartment or as a complement to a bright modern mid-century sofa. This completely electroplated fan is simple but stylish and comes at a comparable ceiling fan price. The electroplating is carried out on aluminum covers, which help to avoid corrosion. For a large living room, the large body and strong motor that delivers an Air delivery of 230 CMM make it a great addition.

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any room. And many modern fan designs can elevate your home, despite the common belief that they are not attractive. From the style, finish, and type of blades to whether it includes a light or not, your room will decide the kind of ceiling fan you need. Open your window, switch on the ceiling fan, and let it do what it does finest: circulate the air. The job will be handled perfectly and stylishly by each of these modern ceiling fans! Which of these fans are you going to get for your house?

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