5 Tips How to Protect Your Phone

Your phone allows you to contact your friends; it’s your camera, your GPS navigation device, and your music player, in other words, something you use every day and probably most of your day. Therefore, nothing is more devastating than seeing it fall and break into a million pieces. So if you want to keep your phone safe and avoid changing models just because you have to and not because you want to, we have 5 tips for you. If you follow them all, your phone will be safe from the dangers of the world.

#1 Use a Screen Protector

Your phone’s screen is the most vulnerable part of your phone. Just one wrong fall on something sharp, and your phone could be rendered useless.

That feeling when your phone falls face down, and you hear that faint sound… You reach out your hand, and at that moment, the screen is shattered and safe at the same time. But if you do not want that Schrödinger’s cat game, then get a screen protector as soon as you get your phone – it’s the first accessory you should buy for your phone.

#2 Get Yourself a Good Phone Case

The second accessory you should buy for your phone is a protective phone case. Once your screen is safe and well protected under the screen protector, the case is the next step because it provides protection for all the other parts of your phone: the back, the sides, and with the perfect protective case, you also get the raised edges for extra protection for your phone’s screen and camera. Nowadays, the phone case market is as wide as the world itself, so you will easily find the best friend for your device.

#3 Avoid extreme conditions

Think of your phone as you would yourself. You certainly do not like to be in cold or hot temperatures for long periods of time with no way to stay safe, and the same goes for your phone. Therefore, keep it away from the hot and blazing sun and keep it snug and warm when you go outside when winter tries to showcase all those Elsa from Frozen powers. Also, try to avoid sudden changes in temperature as it will harm the life of your phone battery and all its internal components, as sudden changes in temperature can cause cracks in those little metal connections.

# 4 Keep a Tight Grip on Your Phone

The best way to avoid breaking your screen or your phone, in general, is to not drop it. Yes, yes, this sounds like something your mother would say if your favorite toy broke on you… But it’s the truth: if you keep a good grip on your phone, you will not drop it, and it will not break. However, phones are getting bigger and bigger, and it’s getting harder to hold them securely in your hand. So, get yourself a ring holder. This will take your grip game to the next level!

#5 Be Mindful, and Self Protect it

You should also be mindful of how you handle your phone. Do not put it in a bag or your pocket with your keys or other sharp and metallic objects. Do not leave your phone in the back pocket of your jeans, as it can bend or even break if you sit down without taking your device from there. Also, keep your phone out of the reach of small children as they love to use the phone as a toy, and this often ends badly for the phone because those little hands, although often sticky, can not keep those big phones firmly.

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