5 Things Online Bookmakers Don’t Want You To Know

It’s very natural to think that all online bookmakers want to make a profit from their business. The objective of any business is to make a profit. And online bookmakers basically make a profit because of the inexperience of the majority of people who gamble every day.

However, we should not look at bookmakers as enemies, it is not good for our wallets to be worried. It would be better to study, learn, analyze and become better at betting.

Here are 5 very important things about sports betting that online bookmakers don’t want you to know.

1. Well-planned money management

Money management is the starting point for everything in sports betting, this is where the difference is made between those who always donate money to bookmakers and the few punters who make a profit from this activity,

It all starts with setting the amount of money for the monthly bet (“bank”).

Attention, in order for betting to remain a hobby, not a way of life, this amount must exceed 10% of the amount of money that goes into a bettor’s account each month.

So, if a punter earns 3000 dollars in a month, he should not bet more than 300 dollars that month. Does that seem a little bit too little? No matter, be careful not to deviate from this rule. Your financial security and your and your family’s mental health depend on it.

Other, more cautious, bettors say that stakes of a maximum 5% per ticket, from the “bank”, are more viable, especially for beginners.

This is not an exact science, it is determined by a few factors, such as confidence in that ticket or the bettor’s playing strategy.

Money management is the gambler’s safety net in dealing with any bookmaker he has an account with.

2. Bet only what you know

Regardless of what bonuses 토토사이트 platform give you for betting on snooker or tennis, bet only on the sport you know best. And that’s football, for most punters.

Bet only on what you have studied and followed for a long time, on the sport about which you have useful statistical data, about which you know practically everything there is to know.

Moreover, only focus on one or two championships, whose matches you always see on TV. It’s hard to believe that you can divide your energy and knowledge between four or five championships.

3. Have a proven sports betting strategy

Bookmakers would like you to bet haphazardly, by ear with no plan, no strategy.

The important thing is to have a strategy, which you can verify over time, for modest amounts, and validate as working. Also, your strategy must be fully in line with the “bank” you have at hand.

From the classic strategies, it is easy to come up with a simple one that suits you (e.g. “under 3.5 goals” for the Premier League) and that you can take to art through study and analysis.

4. Single bets

It’s a no-brainer, the fewer matches you have on your ticket, the better your chances of winning.

Playing singles, one match per ticket, is the surest path to long-term profit, although for many punters it is a very difficult path. It’s also true that to play singles you need a serious bankroll, but I’ve always said that sports betting is just a hobby, right?

This is about patience, discipline and responsibility.

As an option for those who also want to feel the touch of “wealth”, you can allocate so-called “play money”, 10-20 dollars from your monthly bank, to play a double bonus ticket twice a month, on weekends with stages in the major championships.

5. Bonuses turn into real money in less than 10% of cases

This is the real statistic, you should know this, although bookmakers don’t want you to know it. So, run away from bonuses, or at least choose only those that have a decent rollover policy that can be carried through.

Sure bonuses are tempting, sometimes they are huge, but to turn them into real money you sometimes need to run them 10, 20, 50 times, which is a lot.

Choose bookmakers not by their welcome bonuses, but by the variety of betting offers and the attractiveness of the odds.

These are just 5 things bookmakers don’t want you to know. If you’re the master of them, you’ve got an important trump card and serious extra chances to make a profit from sports betting.

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