5 professions for those who want to get a steep salary and pleasure from work

In this article, we'll tell you why working in digital is cool, and give tips for beginners.

What is digital

Digital is a broad area. It is any work connected with information technology: brand promotion on the Internet, calculating wages with your paystub, creation, and development of digital products, such as sites or applications, web design, media, and contextual advertising, and much more.

You don’t have to spend years in college to master a digital profession. The field is changing very rapidly, so much of the information you learn will be irrelevant by the end of your education. To start working in digital, the main thing is to get the applied knowledge. For example, an Internet marketer needs to master web analytics, learn promotion channels and the principles of interaction in social networks. You can learn the basics in six months or a year and then go straight into practice.

1. Sales manager

The task of the sales manager in digital is not very different from that of a sales manager, for example in a magazine. You have to make contact with the client and offer him advertising space.

But all the same, there is a significant difference. Digital gives many more opportunities for attracting clients. For example, only here you can accurately determine the target audience and trace how many people saw the advertising material and found out about the brand’s services. And in digital, there are many more options for advertising: multimedia, games, and interactive tests.

To become a sales manager in digital, you need to know the basics and trends, take some courses. This, at first, will be enough.

2. Developer

The task of the developer is to create websites, mobile applications, flash games. Accordingly, you need to know programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python.

Developers come in four types:

  • Frontend. They are engaged in the development of the user part of the application or site: menus, drop-down menus, navigation, animations, pop-ups. They also determine how the user part interacts with the hardware and software or the server part.
  • Backend. They are responsible for creating the server-side: the database, the application architecture, the program logic. They are responsible for making sure everything works properly.
  • Fullstack. A developer who can act as both a frontend and a backend.
  • Testers. Specialists who make sure everything on the site works as it should. They look for bugs and slowdowns.

3. Creator

Creator – the generator of ideas. His task is to think up how to promote a cool brand, advertise products or services.

It sounds too simple, but do not jump to conclusions. The creator must take into account the desires of the customer and the tastes of the audience. Also, the fountain of ideas every day. That is, imagination does not have to end.

4. Internet Marketer

The Internet marketer promotes a brand’s services on the Web:

  • develops a plan-strategy;
  • researches competitors;
  • creates and maintains a positive image of the company;
  • carries out PR-actions and special projects;
  • monitors effectiveness.

Internet marketing is an area that includes several areas: context, product, target and media advertising, email marketing, SMM, SEO, and CPA marketing.

5. Designer

While creators compose ideas, designers deal with the visual part. They make all the products of a company or a trademark look nice and, most importantly, uniform. The audience must have a clear image of the brand in their head: recognizable colors and shapes. The designer needs to have an excellent sense of taste and be able to work in graphic editors.


If you’re interested in digital design, start as early as possible. Just go ahead and start. Soak up information from everywhere, read books, enroll in online courses.

Get into the information, not just tick off what you’ve heard or read. And get involved in some real projects as soon as possible.

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