5 Intriguing Hobbies That Could Earn Your Money

If you’re in search of a hobby that you’ll love, it’s worthwhile to consider hobbies that could earn you a bit of an extra income.

There are so many intriguing hobbies out there to choose from, but no one can argue that an extra income would make some hobbies far more appealing than those that simply help you pass the time.

So, we’ve rounded up five hobbies that really can earn you money.

Fantasy Sports

Whether you’re interested in the NFL, NBL, or any other professional sporting events, getting involved in fantasy sports might earn you some extra money.

Fantasy sports are a kind of virtual game that mimic real-life sporting events. Players can create their own teams, bet on live games, and much more.

If you aren’t sure where to get started, you can browse fantasy sports websites and compare best bets, look into top players, and much more.

Flying Drones

If sports events don’t catch your interest, you could also consider flying drones to make some extra cash in your spare time.

As Amazon fine-tunes their new Prime-Air delivery service, other companies are following suit to keep up with this new tech-savvy way of delivering parcels as fast as possible.

So, if you’re somewhat skilled at flying drones, you can earn an income by signing up with a business that already has an active air delivery service for customers. If you’re just getting started flying, check out Flyver for a lot of information about drones for beginners, and learn how to operate them.

Keeping Bees

Beekeeping might sound a bit unconventional, although it can make for a rewarding hobby if you’re interested in conservation and aren’t afraid of these little pollinators.

You can earn an income by keeping bees and selling the honey to your friends and family or local stores. Otherwise, you can also venture into eco-friendly bee removal services and add to your existing bee farm, all while conserving these essential creatures.


There are many e-commerce platforms available where you can sell craft creations to the public, or you can make your own e-commerce site and get selling.

These days, some of the most profitable crafts to consider selling include personalized printed novelty items like mugs, pens, and other stationery. In addition to this, you could also consider printing t-shirts or other garments or creating ornamental items and jewelry.

Starting A Herb Garden

If you enjoy gardening and keeping your indoor plants thriving, you could consider starting a herb garden and selling your harvests to friends and family or local markets.

Otherwise, you could sell potted indoor plants and start a small-scale online nursery. Plant parenting has become a prominent trend since the pandemic left everyone searching for ways to keep busy, so you’ll find a lucrative market in selling indoor plants or herbs.

There are tons of ways to turn your hobbies into profitable projects. But if you plan on selling items, be sure to create a professional website and use digital marketing tactics to get your brand seen by your target audience. Otherwise, consider fantasy sports or flying drones as a less demanding way of earning an extra income from your interests.

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