5 Best CRM with WhatsApp Integration for Businesses

WhatsApp CRM

Every established business and one seeking success understands the value of CRM with WhatsApp integration in the ever-evolving digital communication domain. WhatsApp integration with Customer Relationship Management is no longer a choice but a necessity for those looking to make it big in the business industry.

The growing popularity of the aforementioned integration is largely justified by its ability to serve faster communication, wider global reach, scheduled updates, enhanced live chats, better customer engagement, and smooth sales process, all in a single platform.

This guide will explore the best 5 WhatsApp CRMs by delving into their suitability with your needs so that you can determine the best fit for streamlining your business operations.

Why Do Businesses Need a WhatsApp CRM Integration?

Looking for reasons as to why you need a WhatsApp CRM? Here they are:

1. Increased Multimedia Options

WhatsApp may be more words-dominant. However, it also features many multimedia options ranging from audio to videos. Make this multimedia move to establish a more enriching and engaging communication strategy.

2. Facilitates Instant Communication

Customers rely on instant responses in today’s fast-paced age. You can use WhatsApp CRM to facilitate them by responding to their queries in real time.

3. Enhanced Connectivity

Dream big, and you’ll achieve big. WhatsApp CRM allows you to network with people around the globe, allowing you to enjoy a wider global reach.

Top 5 CRMs with WhatsApp Integration

Here are 5 best WhatsApp CRM tools to deliver a better customer experience.

1. Kommo

In the WhatsApp CRM space, Kommo stands firm as a leading name. Its ability to transform and enhance customer interaction dynamics through chat or functionality makes it a standout tool. You can be available for 24/7 customer inquiries and offer instant responses through automated customer interactions leveraging.

The tool’s intuitive design allows you to customize workflows and tailor them to align with your business needs and preferences. You can enhance your lead nurturing processes and manage customer queries more efficiently by seamlessly integrating WhatsApp and CRM.

Why Choose Kommo WhatsApp Integration?

  • Capture leads from WhatsApp automatically and enjoy enhanced engagement with leads and customers.
  • Invest minimal time in integrating the fully native Kommo’s 5-minute WhatsApp integration.
  • Use a WhatsApp chatbot builder with zero requirements for coding knowledge and skills.

2. SugarCRM

With SugarCRM, you can directly integrate WhatsApp messages and the CRM interface. It will help you enhance sales communication, significantly benefiting your sales team. From enabling you to send personalized WhatsApp messages instantly to your leads and customers to facilitating seamless chat history synchronization into customer profiles, this CRM with WhatsApp integration tool can be highly time-efficient and can help you boost your engagement rates.

Using this tool, you can also deliver more informed and personalized sales pitches to your customers. The tool’s advanced analytics feature additionally helps you gain deeper insights into customer interactions, which can be used to fine-tune sales strategies.

Why Choose SugarCRM WhatsApp Integration?

  • Directly manage full two-way conversations from WhatsApp within the SugarCRM platform
  • Manage your WhatsApp messaging using diverse views such as a detailed view, a general list view, and more
  • Boost your sales efforts using data that helps in tracking important customer experience features

3. Zoho

Zoho is another CRM tool that facilitates WhatsApp integration, and to perform this function, you will require the assistance of a third-party tool, of which there are several options. Packed with robust features, Zoho’s WhatsApp integration can make your communication with customers via WhatsApp more efficient and direct.

You can manage and track customer interactions on the go without any hassle by using Zoho’s WhatsApp-integrated CRM, which facilitates synchronization of the platform’s conversations, a notable feature of the tool.

You can also engage in more informed interactions and personalize the same according to your preference because it gives instant access to customer data and history. Including the same can be great for accelerating your customer service operations. However, what makes this tool a game-changer is its assistance in boosting your engagement and outreach through direct bulk WhatsApp messages.

Why Choose Zoho WhatsApp Integration?

  • Zoho Desk portal provides access to instant and direct messaging from WhatsApp contacts, offering a unified experience.
  • Unlike the standard functionality of WhatsApp API, you can use this tool without requiring a WhatsApp number.
  • Facilitates easy conversion of the WhatsApp conversation discussed problems into active support tickets

4. Kayako

A top-notch choice for enhancing live chat functionalities, Kayako’s CRM with WhatsApp integration tool possesses a forte in seamless connectivity. Modern businesses cannot operate smoothly and effectively without real-time customer interactions, and Kayako certainly has a good understanding of this need.

This customer service tool utilizes existing customer data to enable reps to have good quality WhatsApp customer service accompanied by reduced friction. It has an intuitive interface and can be regarded as a user-friendly and time-efficient integration that provides necessary features such as customer service process streamlining, conversation tagging, and automated responses, thereby helping one enhance one’s business growth.

Why Choose Kayako WhatsApp Integration?

  • This CRM with WhatsApp integration facilitates a robust and holistic help desk software that is user-friendly.
  • Offers team member collaboration to integrate all messages in a single view
  • Supports Kayako Helpdesk tool integration with WhatsApp to enable customer service team members to offer better customer experience

5. Bitrix24

If you require a decent and cost-efficient WhatsApp CRM to assist you with team collaboration, project management, and a bit of basic automation, Bitrix24 can cater to your needs. Bundled with a comprehensive set of features, the most impressive thing that makes this tool stand out is that it is free of cost. This integration allows you to seamlessly synchronize your messages with WhatsApp and track and manage customer interactions efficiently.

It’s effortless to use, and you can set up and manage contacts through the dashboard with minimal effort. All of these practical features of the tool, without additional charges, make Bitrix24’s WhatsApp integration an exemplary tool for your customer relationship management needs.

Why Choose Bitrix24 WhatsApp Integration?

  • Use your Bitrix24 account to connect to WhatsApp and manage all store customer inquiries.
  • Handle small and repetitive tasks with the company of basic task management tools.
  • You can also automate workflows and set up auto-responses within WhatsApp conversations.

Final Thoughts

CRM with WhatsApp integration is not a passing trend but a technology that is here to rule for ages since advancements in technology do have the scope of slowing down. There’s no better way to manage your customer relationship than through a single platform, and the five tools above can help you streamline your business dramatically.

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