5 Amazing Ways To Potentiates Your Kratom Powder

How often do you have to use the Kratom powder in your daily routine? Is it becoming costlier for you day by day? And also, the effects wear off after few hours and you have to take a dose of Kratom again, to feel better. Then this article is going to help you to save a lot of money, and provide you with just the right thing you are missing in your Kratom dose.

What if you could enhance the power of your Kratom powder, what if by mixing certain ingredients you can make it more potent. How? Fruit, Spice, Caffeine, is the answer you are looking for. The best way to enhance your Kratom experience is to add a potentiator to your Kratom dose. This will keep the effects of Kratom last for a longer period and also decrease your Kratom consumption so that you do not get addicted. Therefore, let us understand what is a potentiator and how to mix it in your Kratom dose.

What is a Potentiator?

A Potentiator is a common term used for several ingredients and fruits that are added in different kinds of medicines or medicinal drugs or herbs. It is used to make them more potent and increase their lasting effect on your body. A Kratom Potentiator works the same, and reduces the dosage of raw Kratom, and increases its effects on the body, also allowing the effect to last longer. Therefore, when you are going in for a tough day at work, or a hectic day filled with hard work and you need to keep your body energized, always add a potentiator to your daily dose of Kratom. It will help you to feel energized throughout the day and help your body to stay healthier.

A bit of potentiator in your Kratom dose will not keep you active for the entire day, but also will maintain a sense of calmness in you, and also help you sleep better after a tiring day. Therefore, let us understand what are the different types of potentiators that can be added to your Kratom dose, to enhance its capabilities.

Five ways to potentiate Kratom Powder

There are several ways in which you can enhance the ability of your Kratom powder. Therefore, let us discuss five ways in which you can potentiate your Kratom.

1. By adding Cayenne Pepper

One of the easiest ingredients to enhance the power of your Kratom drug is to add a bit of Cayenne Pepper to it. It can be mixed with The Golden Monk Kratom Power in a small amount as the Golden Monk is a reputed and reliable brand getting applause from its users for providing the best quality products at a very affordable price. The Cayenne Pepper is very hot and it can take time for you to adjust to its hot and spicy texture. Therefore, it is recommended to always use it in small amounts and let your taste bud settle to its texture. 

You can mix the pepper with the powder while preparing Kratom capsules. It helps to increase the production of saliva, which is beneficial for your digestive system, and in turn, helping your cardiovascular system to stay healthy and fight any staying disease.

2. Mixing Kratom powder in citrus juices

A healthy breakfast is often recommended to stay active and fresh throughout the day. Therefore, having some citrus juice in breakfast, makes your day more energetic and healthier. A glass of grapevine juice during breakfast is the booster you required, to keep you going throughout the day. However, adding Kratom powder to your juice will be the best thing you do to help yourself. Grapefruit has many health benefits added to itself, it improves the immune system due to the presence of oxidants in it. The enzymes that are present in the grapefruit are very beneficial for the alkaloids present in the Kratom powder. It fulfills the nutrition needs of your body by providing a high amount of potassium and the required vitamin C. 

The enzymes mixed with the Kratom powder help you to build a healthier metabolism and ensure that you gain all the necessary nutrients. Sometimes, intaking Kratom powder raw can be a bad experience for your taste buds, as they are very sour, and since the grapefruit juice is sweet, it balances the taste and makes it easier for you to enjoy the benefits.

3. Use of Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the most commonly used spices in a household. Also, it has many added benefits that make it even more vital to be included in your daily diet. Curcumin is the active element of turmeric powder which makes it a power oxidant. Therefore, one of the ways to potentiate your Kratom powder is to mix it with turmeric, this will help you to fight inflammatory problems and relieve you of any occurring disease, as it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Mixing Kratom powder with chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is very beneficial in relaxing your nerves and providing you with a sense of calmness. Additionally, Kratom powder is also beneficial in fighting stress, therefore, brewing Chamomile tea with Kratom powder increases the effect and provides you with a sense of peace which helps you to sleep better. Therefore, a cup of chamomile tea before bed brewed with Kratom powder, with you a relaxing experience.

5. Drink it with caffeine

The Kratom plant and caffeine come from the same family, and therefore complement each other. Therefore, Caffeine is considered a great potentiator, which can be easily and effectively used. A cup of coffee in the morning that is filtered along with Kratom powder, will provide a large amount of oxidant in your body, and provide you with the motivation and concentration you require.


There are many benefits of using Kratom in your daily diet, but sometimes its benefits wear off easily and do not stay throughout the day, and you are required to take another dose. However, you can easily potentiate the Kratom with different other fruits and spices. This enhances the effectiveness of the Kratom powder and allows you to stay active and concentrated, and also helps you to fight diseases such as diabetes, diarrhea, chronic pains, and digestion problems.

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