4 Simple Business Ideas You Can Make Big ROI In 2022

What are the businesses working well in 2022? Do you want to start a business with a small investment and have a big ROI? We will give you a few business ideas that can change your future.

Repair products

Why throw away damaged products and go broke buying new ones, when you can simply repair them? Like renting, repairs are part of a desire to consume more responsibly as well as a need to reduce expenses. And it thus conquered more and more consumers.

Thanks to solutions such as the one developed by Dealt , repair services can now be offered by all retailers. For 5 years, Dealt (formerly Mon Super Voisin) has been implementing and managing post-purchase service offerings, These services, accessible online or directly in store, help e-merchants to increase their average basket and build customer loyalty by responding to their needs in an increasingly relevant way. By generating post-purchase revenue, this model is also an effective way of anticipating the drop in consumption of finished products and ensuring future financial security.

Promoting your business with instagram

Instagram is one of the best ways you can promote your business. Posting videos/photos and everything else you want there. You can freely promote and make your business even more popular, one struggle a lot of people face is getting followers. Simple way to getting around the whole algorithm is pretty easy, you can buy instagram followers, basically avoiding any issues with algorithm and struggles

The second hand

Do we still need to recall the explosion experienced by the second-hand sector? new solutions allow all brands to integrate the second hand into their economic model.

Allow brands to resell products brought back by their customers via a dedicated platform on their e-commerce site or on a corner in their stores. From integrating this solution into the online shopping journey, to managing returns, sorting and reselling products, these start-ups take care of everything. And according to experts, this solution would allow brands to generate an average of 14% additional turnover in stores . The reasons? These corners increase traffic, and allow customers to benefit from immediate purchase vouchers against the return of their vintage nuggets. Brands can therefore now participate in the circular economy with ease, while increasing their income.


This is a trend that has been flourishing for many years and yet still continues to grow. Quite the opposite. marketplaces are more than ever on the rise with e-merchants.

Why is that? Quite simply because these platforms allow any merchant to implement in a few weeks and a few clicks a marketplace with a streamlined purchasing process. Most of the big brands even go so far as to provide retailers with a base of qualified sellers and support them in all the logistics that arise from purchases made online.

Thus, e-merchants can quickly reach the break-even point which often requires gathering 200 to 300 sellers on the marketplace. If this model convinces more and more retailers, it is because it always attracts more consumers, happy to be able to find everything they need on a single site, easily and at the best price. Marketplaces would therefore be a real magnet for customers!

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