4 Reasons to Keep Your Ip Address Hidden

Hide Ip Address

Every computer or device on the planet that is connected to the internet has an IP address. IP addresses carry a lot of information regarding the location and device type, and more. An IP address is a necessity when operating online, but one should be cautious that it also carries a lot of sensitive information about the user and the connection itself.

The purpose of an IP address

The purpose of having an IP is to have an addressing technique to a network and also its elements. The process follows the fact that each node existing within the network must have a distinct address for any communication to that place.

When inter-network communication is on-going, the IP provides a single address to the entire network. This is useful when two nodes from the different networks are trying to enter into communication with each other. That is the basis of a “network of networks,” which is the internet.

Information that an IP address reveals

Many have the belief that their IP address will reveal their name, age, and home address. But that is not the case here — even though it does put out some interesting information, it doesn’t reveal the stated information above.

Your internet protocol address gives out an array of information. However, perhaps the largest concern about what your IP address reveals to the world is your geolocation. Sometimes, only by the IP address, it is even possible to pinpoint your location to a street level.

4 Reasons to hide your IP

 There are several reasons you should go under the radar. Here are a few:

1. People can use your online activity against you

Somebody may decide to monitor your online activities and use it against you. An IP address can leave footprints on the web, and if someone with the required skills is monitoring your IP address activity, they might collect information on your behavior online and use any sensitive findings against you.

2. Tracking of your location

Someone that has access to your IP may track your location for specific reasons. As mentioned before, it is sometimes even possible to locate an internet user’s location to street level only be checking their IP address. If this does sound like big brother is watching you and that privacy is dead, then it is time to think about hiding your IP address.

3. Your ISP is out in the open

With your IP address being visible, it means your Internet Service Provider’s name is out there in the open, and people with wrong intentions might leverage this information to gather more personal data on you. This means that the possibility of finding out the actual full name of the internet user behind the IP address is getting higher.

4. You can be a target for hackers and unsolicited advertising campaigns

 When you hide your IP, you can avoid unsolicited advertising and keep your search records away from websites’ administrators. Your browsing habits will be out of prying eyes, and you won’t be bombarded by never-ending ads online.

Simple solutions to hide an IP Address

Of course, there are several ways to hide your IP address online. But by far the most popular methods are by employing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service or Proxy Service like Geonode Proxy.

For more information on VPN service, follow this link. Whereas, for more information on proxies, read Oxylabs’ blog post entry on “what is a proxy?”. But if you need a list of safe proxies to choose from, try piratebay.

Exercising caution while surfing the internet

It is essential to secure your device and connection when you go online. But it’s also important to make the right choice when doing things on the web — which makes a difference to your online safety.

The potential risks online are scary, and it is only natural to make smart choices to reduce the level of risk you face.

Hiding your IP comes with several benefits, one of which is protecting your information from the hands of hackers. These criminals infect PCs using malware when they lure users into clicking on a link or even open an attachment.

Against the backdrop of the potential risks online, it is required of us as internet users to take extreme caution in protecting our IP address. If you’re cautious about your activities, you’ll surf the internet without the fear of being a target of malicious attack.

Now you know why it is essential to be cautious online and hide your IP address? So add an extra layer of security and privacy by masking your IP address when you surf the wonderful (yet scary) place called the internet.

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